The words “leading confidently” in our mission guide us to be intentional about teaching and defining leadership at Harpeth Hall. The middle school and upper school divisions have age appropriate leadership curricula and an emphasis on helping each girl find the way she leads most effectively.

We have defined what it means to be a leader at Harpeth Hall. We believe the following definition articulates our view of leadership.

Each Harpeth Hall student develops the confidence to lead in her own way. She is aware of the value of every individual in a community and accepts her responsibility to shape the community for the better.
  • She exemplifies integrity.
  • She respects others and herself.
  • She is always learning.
  • She understands her actions make a difference.
  • She acts when she sees a need.
  • She has a positive attitude.
  • She inspires others through her dedication.
  • She listens thoughtfully to the ideas of others.
  • She communicates effectively.
  • She understands when to lead and when to follow.
  • She embraces the school's commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and equity, both in and out of the classroom, as a means of forming a stronger and better school.
  • A leader understands that learning to lead confidently is a life-long endeavor.

The Harpeth Hall School's Middle School Leadership Development program is designed to help each student realize and embrace her leadership potential. The program is built around the 12 leadership attributes listed above. These attributes are divided strategically among the four grades in order to broaden each student's understanding of what a leader is. We want middle school girls to realize that being a leader is more than standing at a podium. The goal is that each year, students will embody their grade level leadership attributes and carry the qualities forward as new attributes are added.


When students enter high school they find a more independent approach to leadership development. At the same time, as a faculty, we are committed to helping our students find their voice and learn how to communicate effectively. In the upper school we teach the following topics each year. Our Life Balance classes incorporate these lessons as do our classroom teachers and administrators both in and out of the classroom.