Clubs and Organizations

Getting Involved: Clubs and Organizations

Harpeth Hall encourages students to participate in student-led, student-created, and faculty-advised clubs and organizations. Participation in co-curricular activities provides students with numerous opportunities to develop and refine important leadership, organization, teamwork, and communication skills while getting to know others. Students sign up for clubs at the upper school club fair that happens within the first few weeks of school.

Upper School Clubs

Students work to make meaningful connections through service within our Nashville community. Their focus is high-impact and long term projects. 

Activism Club
Students practice effective methods for creating lasting change in any cause and learn how to collaborate and unify voices with groups outside of Harpeth Hall for the betterment of our greater community.

Students share information, and cultivate awareness of Asian culture and media.

Art Club
Students engage and participate in creative expression regardless of skill level.  

Badminton Club
Students learn about and play Badminton and organize an annual tournament.

Students work with Harpeth Hall librarians to develop reading lists for students, create displays for featured books, and host authors on campus.

Business and Finance Club
Students learn about and discuss corporations and financial systems in the United States through guest speakers, simulations, and articles.

Chess Club
Students play chess regularly to decompress and learn a new game of strategy.  It is a stress free environment and even hosts Upper School tournaments.

Climbing Club
Students learn about the sport of climbing and practice with one another. This club aims to connect the climbers of Harpeth Hall with each other and with a greater community, as well as fostering a love for fantastic and interesting sport.

Code Club
Students learn about and explore the world of coding.  Using online applications, partnering with other schools, and attending student conferences, Code Club offers an opportunity for students to put their vision for technological advancement into action.

Students learn about and discuss contemporary topics, practice skills of listening, discussion, and debate. 

Fashion Club
Students to discuss and learn about the fashion industry.  Topics include sustainability of clothing, human rights and production ethics, and organize an annual Dress for Success drive for the community.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
FCA is an interdenominational Christian ministry that "lead[s] every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church." Harpeth Hall students join with students from other schools to teach and learn about Christianity through speakers, small groups, and worship.
Film Club
Students learn about and discuss different aspects of the film industry.  During club sessions, students screen movies, discuss props and makeup, and work with editing software. 
French Club
Students learn about the language, culture, food, and art of French speaking countries. Students work to understand the fundamental importance of the French language and culture across the world and in their lives.  
Gardening Club
Students work to improve the well-being of the Nashville community and strengthen the Harpeth Hall community through gardening.  Students work in our on-campus garden and partner with the dining hall. 
Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
Students work to establish a safe community for members of the LGBTQ communities.  This club is focused on awareness and learning. GSA is meant for everyone and anyone!
German Club
Students learn about and discuss the German language and culture.  Additionally, this club coordinates campus program to promote education among the student body.
Holla for Challah
Students from all religious backgrounds are welcome to learn about the Jewish faith through conversation, celebration, and customary cuisine.
This is the Upper School literary magazine. Any student may submit writing for consideration in Hallmarks.
Hygge Club
Students learn to use the Swedish principles of Hygge for personal relaxation and fulfillment.
I’m A Girl  In Engineering (IMAGINE)
IMAGINE strives to help engage team members in engineering activities and provides an opportunity to learn about engineering.
Jane Austen Club
Students celebrate the works of Jane Austen through reading the stories she created and discussing the era in which she lived. 
Junior Classical League
Junior Classical League supports student love of Roman culture.  Students attend conferences and facilitate fun on campus events.
Kids 4 Kids
Kids 4 Kids is a service club with the objective of creating fun activities for patients at The Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt University and Ronald McDonald House. Students make craft bags for children, host drives, participate in events benefiting the hospital, and also put on a carnival at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.
Knitting Club
Students collect and create as many knitted items including scarves, hats, head warmers, blankets, etc. throughout the year for donation to a variety of organizations during the winter months. Everyone learns how to knit at the start of the year; needles and yarn are provided.
Latin Club
Students learn about the Latin language as well as Ancient Roman culture.  This club is for all students.
Law and Order
Students interested in the legal system discuss important issues, current events, and legal cases
Logos is the school newspaper. Staff members produce six editions a year presenting features, news events, sports, editorials, and more. Staff members share ideas, gather information, write, type, photograph, and lay out each issue.
Math Club
Math club's mission is to increase student interest in math not only as a required course, but as an exciting and fun tool to use when exploring the world. Students facilitate monthly math contests. 
Mock Trial
The Mock Trial Team is a program in which students participate in rehearsed trials to learn about the legal system in a competitive environment.
Model United Nations
Model UN prepares students to be better global citizens through quality educational experiences that emphasize collaboration and cooperative resolution of conflict. We envision a world comprised of civically-engaged people who strive for peaceful, multilateral conflict resolution and equitable, sustainable human development.
Party Pals
Students help facilitate and organize birthday parties for families.  Their goals to provide children with birthday memories regardless of their family’s means.  
Pep Club
Students bring spirit to the school through attendance at sporting and arts events!
Students instill a love of theater in our community and put on shows at Harpeth Hall. Playmakers supports the Theatre Department by helping with lighting, sound, costumes, props, and building and dismantling sets.
Students share their joy of trivia and knowledge through meetings, assemblies, and competitions.
Real World Committee
The Real World Committee comprises students and faculty who strive to broaden and deepen our understanding the world in which we live. We promote an appreciation for diversity and also explore the ties that bind us to each other, to the local community, and to the world.
Robotics Club
The mission of the Harpeth Hall Robotics Club is to provide a fun and creative outlet for anyone interested in applied engineering, and to broaden students’ experience and understanding of robotics and beyond! We also compete in a Robotics competitions.
Science Bowl
Students work collaboratively as a team and attend Science Bowl competitions.  Science Bowl competitions are focused on the application of scientific knowledge and effective teamwork.  
Shakespeare Society
Shakespeare Society offers students the opportunity to further their "relationship" with The Bard. Activities include film productions, participation in the Shakespeare Competition (sponsored by the English Speaking Union), support and participation in the Overholser Shakespeare Festival and the All-Night Shakespeare Readathon at Montgomery Bell Academy in order to experience and understand Shakespeare's work.
Spanish Club
Students promote the Spanish language and culture throughout the upper school.

Spirit Clubs
Every upper school student is automatically a member of one of four intramural clubs: Ariston, Triad, Angkor, and Eccowasin. A tradition from our Ward-Belmont heritage, these clubs compete in singing their club songs at Awards Day, in a Quiz Bowl, in school spirit, and have a community service project.

Student Balance Committee
The Student Balance Committee seeks to help students maintain well being by promoting evidence-based study methods, destigmatizing the stress culture, and managing an active extracurricular life, all while appropriately challenging themselves. Through these practices, we strive to support the “whole girl,” both physically and mentally.

Student Confidence Committee
Students work to cultivate a sense of confidence within our community.  Topics are specific to adolescent girls and programs designed to address confidence are promoted through speakers, assemblies, and community initiatives.
Women in Government Club
Students work to empower young women through informed and active civic participation.  Meetings and programs are designed  to prepare members to address and respectfully engage in civil discourse.
Elected or Appointed Societies/Organizations
Ambassador Society
The Ambassador Society welcomes prospective students, parents, faculty, alumni, and special guests to campus through tours, panels, and events. This club serves as a face for Harpeth Hall in the greater community.

Cum Laude Society
Cum Laude Society is a national organization that recognizes scholastic achievement at the secondary level. A distinguished school record in combination with the development of excellence, justice, and honor qualify a student for nomination to this organization. Students are selected to be represent Harpeth Hall by members and faculty members. 
Grant Review Board
Comprised of elected student leaders, the Grant Review Board is designed to fund requests from clubs and campus organizations through a grant application and allocation process. Through the grantmaking process, students learn valuable skills, such as: crafting a pitch, managing a budget, tracking and reporting project outcomes, cultivating empathy, and considering diverse perspectives. These grants fund meaningful service-related activities on and off campus. Any student or group in the Upper School can submit a grant application; our goal is to ensure that fundraising is not a prerequisite for taking action. 

Honor Council
The Honor Council hears cases of Honor Code infractions and makes recommendations for appropriate actions to the Director of the Upper School. Members are selected by their peers.
National Junior Classical League Honor Society
The National Junior Classical League Honor Society recognizes scholastic excellence in Latin. Students who achieve an A average in Latin, establish a record of good citizenship, and are members of the Junior Classical League are eligible for membership.
Public Purpose Council
Public Purpose is a 5th-12th grade program that has a mission to prepare students in and out of the classroom to think critically about local and global issues and inequities. Students should leave Harpeth Hall with the skills and knowledge required to meaningfully and ethically engage with large-scale problems to actively effect change. The Public Purpose Council brings together elected representatives from different classes, clubs, and student groups to design and oversee student-led service activities. Public Purpose Officers are elected by their classmates. 
Quill and Scroll 
Quill and Scroll is a national honor society recognizing excellence in journalism. Editors and upcoming editors of our three school publications (Logos, Hallmarks, and Milestones) are eligible for membership if they are in the top third of their class academically (either on a cumulative basis or during the semester they are inducted).
Student Council 
The Student Council, comprising elected representatives from each grade level, is involved in many aspects of life at Harpeth Hall. Representatives raise awareness of the needs of students to faculty and administrators, serve as a sounding board for administrators when a new policy is being considered, ensure students have an appropriate array of clubs and organizations, social events, and leadership opportunities, interview candidates for teaching and administrative positions, and maintain the health and morale of the entire Harpeth Hall community. The Student Council is sponsored by the Dean of Students.  Student Council officers are elected by their classmates. 

Middle School Clubs

Middle School students have a number of opportunities to grow their talents in after-school activities. Most groups meet once a week, and notices of meetings will be posted in the daily announcements.

After School Art Club: After School Art club is for 5th and 6th grade students who are serious about advancing their art skills and who want to work on special projects outside of class. It is designed for a small number of students and meets on Friday afternoons.

Book Clubs: Grade level book clubs meet at lunch periodically and are open to all girls who enjoy reading and discussing books with each other.

Community Service Club (Care Bears): Care Bears community service club is available to students in grades 5-8 each week. The service club will meet one afternoon a week beginning in September. A student may participate every week as her schedule permits.

Hiking Club: Hiking Club meets Mondays after school beginning in October. Students and sponsors travel by bus to local hiking trails such as Warner Park and Radnor Lake. The club is open to all 5th - 8th grade girls.

Dance Company: Students in grade 5-8 who are interested in performance opportunities are encouraged to participate in the Middle School Dance Company. The company rehearses throughout the week and there are annual concerts held in the fall and spring. Students may sign up by the semester. Previous dance experience is not required.

Fifth/Sixth/Seventh/Eighth Grade Advanced Choruses: Interested girls sign up at the beginning of the year. The Choruses meet during Activity Period.

Advanced Instrumental Ensembles: Students who play a musical instrument are invited to join the ensembles. The ensembles perform several times a year. They meet during Activity Period.

Individual Lessons: Lessons in voice, piano, violin, and cello are available after school on campus by private instructors. Fees are paid directly to the instructors by the students’ family.

Fifth/Sixth Grade Drama Club: The Drama Club is open to all 5th and 6th grade girls. It meets one afternoon a week. A spring performance is given.

First Lego League Robotics Club: This club is for 8th grade students and runs through the fall. The competition consists of a robot game and a project that encourages the students to research and learn more about the science behind the challenge theme. Practices will be held one afternoon per week and/or one morning before school.

Forensic Club: Students in 6th – 8th grades compete with Metro schools and other private schools in all types of speech and drama competitions. Harpeth Hall is a member of the National Junior Forensic League. Students will be notified about how to sign up at the beginning of the year.

Middle School Literary Magazine: the Middle School Literary Magazine is a publication released at the end of the school year. It features fiction and non-fiction writing, art work, and provides a creative outlet for students in grades five through eight. Students in grades seven and eight are encouraged to join the magazine staff in the fall. Eighth graders may also apply for the position of co-editor. This staff meets during activity period, and the editors meet occasionally after school near the publication date.

Seventh/Eighth Grade Musical: The Middle School musical drama production is an opportunity for seventh and eighth grade girls to sing, dance, and act. Everyone who is interested and who is willing to make a daily after-school commitment in December and January is welcome to participate.

Upper School Newspaper, 'Logos'

Read the upper school newspaper, Logos, HERE.