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Explore the 2020 Winterim experiences on and off campus. 

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On Campus Curriculum for Freshmen and Sophomores

On campus Winterim offers freshmen and sophomores the very best in experiential learning, creating for  them a chance to see their academic studies take a tangible, dynamic form.

Take a look at the ON CAMPUS PHOTO BOARD!

Students can choose from 76 different, project-oriented courses offered by our exceptional faculty and professionals from around the country. This year students can explore the field of neuroscience, design robots for use in medical applications, contemplate gender roles in history and literature, discuss the Supreme Court and civil liberties, and study everything from Jane Austen to Forensic Science among other engaging topics.



Internships for Juniors and Seniors

New York City Internships

Instagram: bears_on_broadway
Blog: nycwinterim2020

Washington, D.C. Internships

Instagram: winter.im.in.dc
Blog: winterimindc

The Parthenon in Nashville

Nashville Internships 

Nashville Internships Photos

Kenya: Visiting Lwala Community Hospital, schools, outreach programs, and community centers with our partner organization in rural western Kenya, Lwala Community Alliance

Instagram: holla.from.lwala 

Tamworth, Australia: Internship with the Tamworth Regional Council and Tamworth Country Music Festival, Community Partnership with Sister Cities Nashville

Instagram: kanga20os

World travel map

Independent Internships: Various Locations and Career Categories Around the World for Individual Student Internships

Various Instagrams:

Academic Travel - See photos HERE!

France: Language and Culture Immersion

Instagram: eiffel.francyy

Italy: Language and Culture Immersion

Instagram: theyseeus.roman
TikTok: theyseeus.roman
Blog: theyseeusroman

Spain: Language and Culture Immersion

Instagram: cant.tapas
Blog: hhwinteriminspain2020



Independent Study

Independent Studies: Various Forms of Art, Photography, and Creative Writing with Faculty Mentors - photo board coming soon!