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Winterim is a fusion of classroom academics with real-world experience.

Begun in 1973, this three-week program in January offers upper school students the very best in experiential learning, creating for them a chance to see their academic studies take a tangible, dynamic form.

5 Facts About Winterim

1. Academic trips

In traveling abroad, students are immersed in cross-cultural experiences and deepen their understanding of the world and the world's needs. Over the years, juniors and seniors have traveled to Argentina, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, England, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, Haiti, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Qatar, Uganda, South Africa, and Spain.

2. Language Immersion

For students interested in a more intensive language and cultural immersion, Harpeth Hall offers an international exchange with La Maison d'Éducation de la Légion d'Honneur in Paris during Winterim. The host student returns to Harpeth Hall following Winterim to experience our school and culture.

3. Internships

With more than 100 companies participating in our internship programs, students have the opportunity to explore career interests, to develop decision-making skills, and to increase their ability to work well with other people in the workplace. Internships range from hospitals to financial firms to television stations.

4. Cool Courses

Sixty challenging, project-oriented courses are offered to freshmen and sophomores. In previous years, students designed aquatic robots, explored gender roles in history and literature, discussed the Supreme Court and civil liberties, and created animated short movies.

5. Independent Study

Participation in an independent study project is designed for juniors and seniors who want to pursue intense study in an area of interest.

For More Information

Contact Jacquie Watlington, Director of Winterim and International Programs at 615-346-0125 or email.