Lwala Community Alliance

Harpeth Hall and Lwala Community Alliance created a strategic partnership in 2011 to support wholeness of life in Lwala, a rural village in Western Kenya, and to provide learning and service opportunities for Harpeth Hall students. The Harpeth Hall community, driven by the student body, has committed to raising $8,000 per year to fund the Lwala Maternal/Child Health Initiative. Through the Initiative, Harpeth Hall supports community health workers to track every pregnant woman and child under age 5 in the Lwala catchment area. This helps provide prenatal care, safe deliveries, child vaccinations, and nutritional support.

Members of the Middle School service club (Care Bears) and 7th and 8th grade enrichment classes knit baby hats. These hats, along with baby socks, a towel and other incentives, are included in kits that are given to all new mothers who attend at least four prenatal care appointments.

The annual Upper School Dodgeball Tournament has become our cornerstone fundraiser for the Lwala Maternal/Child Initiative. Through this fun, inclusive event, students from across Middle Tennessee come together to enjoy a day of dodgeball and stand with Harpeth Hall in our commitment to strengthening women's and children's health across the globe. We are honored to do our part to empower Lwala mamas.

Watch these engaging videos to learn more about the Lwala Community Alliance.

Introduction to the Harpeth Hall / Lwala Partnership
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"Thrive to Five"

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