Public Purpose

Service is a critical component of the Harpeth Hall mission. Every student participates in our service program called Public Purpose.

Public Purpose at Harpeth Hall prepares students in and out of the classroom to think critically about local and global issues and inequities. The program is designed to help students in 5th through 12th grade acquire the skills and knowledge required to meaningfully and ethically engage with large-scale problems and actively effect change.

Public Purpose teaches girls

to think critically ...
Through engaging and meaningful service, students learn to work effectively with other people and organizations. They also learn more about themselves, uncovering skills, interests, talents, and beliefs.

to lead confidently...
Service work provides new perspective and develops empathy which are critical qualities for effective and confident leadership.

to live honorably...
Exposure to organizations that effectively do good, and to people who face problems to be solved, increases an awareness of and appreciation for the diversity of the human condition.

Middle School

All Middle School students participate in two Leadership and Service Learning Days. 

Upper School

Upper School students assume more independence and greater responsibility for the ways in which they engage with issues beyond our campus.

Lwala Community Alliance

Harpeth Hall is committed to an all school, global partnership with Lwala Community Alliance. 

Meet the Coordinators

Harpeth Hall develops responsible citizens who have global perspectives and make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world.

-- Harpeth Hall mission excerpt

Jessie Adams

Jessie Adams

Class of 2000
Upper School Public Purpose Coordinator
BA, Wesleyan University
MEd, Harvard University
PhD, Vanderbilt University
Katie King

Katie King

Middle School Public Purpose Coordinator; World Languages Teacher
MEd, Dominican University