International Exchanges

Our international exchange and homestay opportunities for middle and upper school students promote global understanding and citizenship, foster a deep appreciation for the cultures of the world, and help students understand how the United States fits into a global context.

Middle School 

Harpeth Hall graduating eighth-graders who have completed two years of Spanish or French in 7th and 8th grade have the opportunity to use their language skills during a one-week summer academic travel trip to Costa Rica or Québec. Both are immersion trips and involve living with a local family.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica: The goals of this immersion trip are to engage in a service project, embark on a variety of excursions and actively take part in local traditions.

Québec, Canada

Quebec: The goals of this immersion trip are to provide meaningful intercultural opportunities, practice French language skills, encourage students’ independence, and develop global understanding.

Upper School 

Harpeth Hall offers an international exchange program for upper school students with schools in China, France, Germany, New Zealand, and South Africa. This cross-cultural interaction provides our students with awareness, understanding, and appreciation of others and how they live. They live with host families, attend our partner schools, and in return, host young women from these countries.

Johannesburg, South Africa

St. Stithians Girls’ College, Johannesburg, South Africa

Established in 2000, the exchange program provides for one to two Harpeth Hall students each year to spend four weeks in Johannesburg during the summer and for their hosts to attend classes at Harpeth Hall for eight weeks in September and October. (

Paris, France

La Maison d’Education de la Legion D’Honneur, Paris France

La Maison d'Éducation de la Légion d'Honneur is a public boarding school founded by Napoleon in December 1805 for the daughters of the members of the National Order of the Legion of Honor. Two Harpeth Hall students spend Winterim in Paris and their "correspondentes" return for three weeks in February. (

Wiesbaden, Germany

Humboldt Schule, Wiesbaden, Germany

The Humboldt Schule is a private, co-educational school for students in the elementary grades through high school. The exchange program began in 2006 as a joint program between Harpeth Hall and Montgomery Bell. Four students typically participate in the exchange each year, hosting German students in their homes for three weeks in March and April and returning to Wiesbaden for several weeks in June. (

Hastings, New Zealand

Woodford House, Hastings, New Zealand

Miss Mabel Annie Hodge, from Cheltenham, England established Woodford House in Hastings in 1894 and is closely affiliated to the Anglican Church and under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Waiapu. One to two Harpeth Hall students spend four weeks in New Zealand during the summer and attend classes and students from Woodford House return in the winter to attend classes at Harpeth Hall. (

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Faces & Our Cultures, a consortium of bilingual and trilingual schools in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Faces & Our Cultures is a highly selective student program committed to provide an enriching cultural experience to all student participants. This exchange program's mission is to achieve cultural and personal development of all participants in order to empower their future. This growth is nurtured within an educational environment, promoting global understanding, language skills and friendship within cultures. Currently Faces & Our Cultures Program has partnerships with 75 schools around the country. Harpeth Hall hosts 2-3 Guatemalan students for eight weeks each fall with our students traveling to Guatemala the following summer for 2-4 weeks. (

Belfast, Northern Ireland

7. Strathearn School, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Strathearn School Belfast is an all-girls school which has achieved much success as one of the top schools in Northern Ireland.With a deep commitment to learning, Strathearn aims to see individuals flourish and grow in confidence; in this way they encourage independence, creativity, intellectual curiosity and team spirit. This exchange established in 2017, provides for up to four students from Strathearn to visit Harpeth Hall in the fall semester each year. The four reciprocating Harpeth Hall students will spend the following January with their host family in Belfast while completing their Winterim internship with the Belfast City Council. (