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Global Perspectives

Harpeth Hall develops responsible citizens who have global perspectives and make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world.

Harpeth Hall educates young women to think beyond familiar boundaries by exploring diverse cultures, communities, and perspectives. Our students learn that understanding complex global issues requires deep research, a critical lens, and unwavering empathy. The global education program at Harpeth Hall supports multidisciplinary learning, independent inquiry, and the capacity of students to identify global challenges, investigate solutions, and collaborate with others to transform knowledge into action. Through this, our students develop the skills and understanding necessary to make informed contributions and succeed in an increasingly connected global society.

Global Scholars

The Global Scholars program pushes Harpeth Hall students to think beyond the geographic and cultural boundaries of the familiar in order to develop leadership skills necessary to become effective and responsible global citizens.

In the spring of sophomore year, students explore major themes such as healthcare, education, regional conflict, climate change, and mental health. Supported by faculty mentors, girls engage in student-directed conversations, presentations by expert speakers, and written reflection to build awareness and competence around these topics. The program culminates senior year with an independent research project about a topic of interest to the scholar. In addition to research and analysis, the capstone project requires the student to create an authentic product related to her topic that may be presented to the school community or a wider audience. Students who complete this program cultivate analytical skills necessary to synthesize, communicate, and collaborate to create solutions for the most pressing problems in our ever-changing world.

International Exchanges

Through Harpeth Hall's international exchange opportunities, select middle school and upper school students immerse themselves in another culture by living and studying abroad. These experiences promote global understanding and citizenship, foster an appreciation for the cultures of the world, and help students understand how the United States fits into global context. Past international exchanges have included China, France, Germany, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Cultural Partnerships

In 2011, Harpeth Hall and Lwala Community Alliance created a strategic partnership to support wholeness of life in Lwala, a rural village in western Kenya, and to provide learning and engagement opportunities for Harpeth Hall students. The Harpeth Hall community, driven by the student body, raises money to fund the Lwala Maternal/Child Health Initiative.

A global citizen is ...

COLLABORATIVE: She communicates and collaborates confidently to forge connections among diverse groups.

COMMITTED: She takes responsibility and makes meaningful contributions as a global citizen through her life choices.

CURIOUS: She cultivates the habits of mind needed to investigate global issues and situate them in the appropriate historical, social, and political contexts.

INNOVATIVE: She willfully approaches problems with the confidence to suggest new ways to positively impact change.

EMPATHETIC: She is self-aware and recognizes that she views the world through a particular lens shaped by her own background and experience. She desires to learn from and values the perspectives of people who are different from her.

RESPONSIBLE: She strives to expand her global awareness through her use of various media.

COMPETENT: She formulates and asks meaningful questions. She is competent to evaluate a variety of media and recognize multiple perspectives and biases.