Digital Humanities Initiative

The Harpeth Hall School has launched DH@HH, a Digital Humanities Initiative that features online class projects, resources, and a blog that review new educational tools and programs.

Digital humanities supports Harpeth Hall's motto to "think critically, lead confidently, live honorably" by:

  • Encompassing technology, critical thinking, creativity, and scholarship in a way that lives online and allows individuals and groups to participate as both producers and consumers.
  • Engaging in collaborative and interdisciplinary learning and teaching.
  • Re-imagining the ways in which text, images, and data related to the humanities and social sciences can be digitally published and archived.
  • Providing a new framework for the ways in which we ask questions, gain and transfer information, and simultaneously teach/learn.
  • Working with teachers and students to develop a new lens through which to visualize and draw connections with and between sources and scholarship.
  • Publishing original scholarship through online exhibits, collections, and class projects and permanently hosted on DH@HH.
  • Making available software and hardware equipment for teachers and students to check-out and providing necessary training to create and edit audio, video, textual, and visual files.
  • Extending Digital Humanities in ways that intentionally overlap with STEM, visual arts, fine arts, and "maker spaces" such as Harpeth Hall's Design Den.