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Leadership and Confidence

At Harpeth Hall, each student develops the confidence to lead in her own way. She is aware of the value of every individual and embraces her responsibility to shape the community for the better. The words "lead confidently" in our mission guide us to create intentional opportunities for development far beyond being captain of a team, the star role in a play, or a club officer. Our faculty nurture our students' leadership in and out of the classroom. At Harpeth Hall, we affirm that every day, every girl is a leader.

Leadership at Harpeth Hall

Leadership Development Program

Confidence at Harpeth Hall

Harpeth Hall's confidence committee aims to close the confidence gap between females and males, beginning in the school setting. We foster environments that promote healthy risk-taking and celebrate failure. We also educate students to identify inhibitors, both internal and external, that undermine confidence and give them tools to face and work through them. Through this work, we help girls thrive and develop the confidence to take action.  

5 Inhibitors to Girls' Confidence