Zombie Prom Opening Night

Zombie Prom Opening Night

Tonight is Opening Night for the 21st Harpeth Hall and MBA musical collaboration!

Zombie Prom is an Off Broadway musical set in the 1950s at Enrico Fermi High School, a school located near a very unstable nuclear power plant. This is the tale of a sweet teenage girl named TOFFEE and her "rebel without a cause" boyfriend, JONNY. The two meet and fall in love, but their zany, tyrannical principal, MISS DELILAH STRICT, intervenes, persuading the indecisive young Toffee to break up with Jonny. Tortured by the betrayal, Jonny charges off on his motorcycle to the nuclear waste dump; he returns glowing and determined to reclaim Toffee's heart. He might be a TEENAGE ZOMBIE, but he still wants to graduate, and most of all he wants to take Toffee to the prom. The principal orders him to drop dead while a scandal reporter seizes on him as the freak du jour. It all comes down to the most important night of their lives, set to a rollicking selection of original songs in the style of 1950s hits. This is a performance you cannot miss!!

Dr. Cal Fuller directs this rocking evening. Reserve tickets (free for students, faculty, and staff, but required for everyone). You must reserve your ticket online to attend.

Performance Times: Wednesday, August 29, Thursday, August 30, and Friday, August 31 at 6:30 p.m.; and Saturday, September 1 at 2 p.m. at MBA's Paschall Theater.