Ward-Belmont and Milestones Society alumnae connect with students

Ward-Belmont and Milestones Society alumnae connect with students

Harpeth Hall is an outstanding school for girls thanks to the women who have come before us, from Ward Seminary, Ward-Belmont, and Harpeth Hall.

Ward-Belmont and Milestones Society alumnae were welcomed back to campus on Thursday, March 28, to connect with each other and meet Harpeth Hall fifth graders interested in learning about their school experience.

The morning began with a warm welcome and school update from Head of School Jess Hill. "You have provided the firm foundation for a strong Harpeth Hall today, and this event gives us an opportunity to thank you," Mrs. Hill said.

The 6th grade chorus sang "May a Rainbow Run Beside You," by Mark Burrows, accompanied by Russell Davis on piano and directed by Middle School Music Teacher, Matthew Pyles. 

Millie Kirkland, Class of 2019, and third generation Harpeth Hall student, spoke about what attending Harpeth Hall has meant to her and her family. 

"It's not just the classes nor the incredible faculty. Harpeth Hall is a tradition... It's the tradition of girls who want to learn and who feel inspired to be the best they can be. It's the combination of these factors: friends, faculty, and classes," Kirkland said. "I'm thankful for... Harpeth Hall for serving as a link between the past and present and the future to come," she concluded. 

Grace Stumb Barbieri, Class of 2010, and a fourth-generation Harpeth Hall graduate and currently Harpeth Hall's Middle School History and Social Sciences Teacher, introduced the 5th grade Oral History Project. The eager and excited 5th grade students joined the alumnae and immediately dove into interviewing them for their project. Armed with notebooks and pencils, they took copious notes, asked questions, and listened intently to the stories of those who came before them. 

The event concluded with the singing of both "The Bells of Ward-Belmont" and the "Harpeth Hall Alma Mater."

"It has been a pleasure to honor you and thank you today," Mrs. Hill said in closing. 


Mrs. Jess Hill, Head of School

6th Grade Chorus

Millie Kirkland, Class of 2019