To Live Honorably

To Live Honorably

On Friday, August 16, the student body and faculty came together for the annual Honor Assembly at Harpeth Hall. Already in this short first week, Harpeth Hall students have begun working to fulfill the school's mission: to think critically, to lead confidently, and to live honorably.

In addition to the girls being challenged to think critically in their classes, Opening Convocation encouraged students to believe confidently in their leadership potential, and in today’s assembly, students pledged to embody the third action this year: to live honorably.

As Director of the Upper School Armistead Lemon remarked in her opening speech in the Frances Bond Davis Theatre, “Of the three powerful tenets that conclude our mission statement...the final is indeed the bedrock value, the value on which all else is built.”

Following Ms. Lemon's words of welcome, Harpeth Hall Senior and President of the Honor Council, Gaby Viner ’20, stepped up to the podium. She encouraged her fellow students to live with integrity by "being your whole self all of the time." Therefore, as Gaby reasoned, "being honorable is simply giving yourself the power and the confidence to be your best self." She reminded the students that while the teachers believe in them and their ability to succeed academically, they also value their moral integrity. "How wonderful it is to be able to grow in an environment where your character is a priority," Gaby observed.

After witnessing the swearing-in of the Honor Council, Judi O'Brien, Director of the Middle School, introduced eighth grader and member of the Honor Education Committee, Tara Howard '24. Tara spoke of growing up in a military family where honor is paramount. She summed up her pride in the Honor System best when she said, “honor is like a gift you give yourself... I joined the Honor Education Committee for myself so that I can continue to work on being my best self.”

Before the students filed out to sign their classes’ respective honor pledges, the students stood together to make the following promise:

As a student of Harpeth Hall, I hereby pledge my full and hearty support to the Honor System. I pledge to be honest myself, and in order that the spirit and integrity of the Honor System may endure, I pledge that I will give no unauthorized assistance to other students. 

“Let’s all work on making hard right choices this year and help and encourage each other along the way,” Ms. Lemon concluded. “Let’s find compassion for each other when we stumble. In doing so, we each add to the particular beauty of this place we hold dear.” 

Watch the entire Honor Assembly here.