Summer STEM Activities at Harpeth Hall

Summer STEM Activities at Harpeth Hall

Harpeth Hall's campus hosted several exciting STEM activities this summer, created and produced by its Center for STEM Education for Girls, and directed by Dr. Stacy Klein Gardner. The Center's aim is to increase girls' participation in science, technology, engineering, and math studies K-12, and to encourage them to aspire to STEM careers.

The STEM Summer Institute hosted 23 rising 7th and 8th graders for a week one program, and 23 rising 9th-12th graders from schools in MNPS, Williamson County Schools, area independent schools, and Harpeth Hall. Our rising 9th-12th graders and second week 7th-8th graders partnered with the Lwala Community Alliance to improve the lives of people there. After skyping with the teacher and students of the Andingo Primary School in Lwala, the rising 9th-12th graders designed a new bridge to decrease the time it takes for children to get to school and increase attendance.

The STEM Think Tank and Conference was held July 12-14 and hosted 243 people from 30 states and the Bahamas. Attendees included K-12 classroom teachers and administrators, members of industry, exhibitors, and university faculty, staff, and graduate students. The Conference began with a screening of the celebrated film, "Most Likely to Succeed" that features High Tech High in San Diego. A highly informative and motivating panel followed featuring the High Tech High principal, a science teacher, a math teacher, and an alumna of High Tech High. Additionally, over 50 concurrent sessions highlighted best practices in STEM for girls from around the country. Our concluding keynote speaker, Dr. Pamela Lottero-Perdue of Towson University, discussed the role of failure in the STEM classroom.

Harpeth Hall is very proud of these productive summer activities that support our mission of educating young women to think critically, to lead confidently, and to live honorably.

STEM Summer Institute

STEM Think Tank and Conference