Students Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in October

Students Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in October

Excerpt from October edition of Harpeth Hall student newspaper Logos.

Harpeth Hall celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month
News Editor and Staff Writer

This month, the Harpeth Hall community will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage month and learning about the Hispanic community in the Nashville community and beyond.

The month, which runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, can be a cultural learning opportunity for students. "It gives us a chance to recognize the culture of not just our bordering country, but our fellow students," sophomore Lydia Crider said.

Two clubs on campus, Real World and Spanish club, partnered up to hold an all-school assembly promoting Hispanic Heritage month on Oct. 5.

The assembly focused specifically on the Latino community in and around the city of Nashville and included presentations by Real World, Spanish Club, Spanish V and guest speaker Marcela Gómez.

"We wanted to help students realize that there's so much more of a Latino influence in our community than we realize, and it's important to recognize and appreciate that," Spanish Club co-president Shaye Hendricks said.

Marcela Gómez, a businesswoman and a leader in Nashville's Latino community, spoke during the assembly about this important part of our city's culture.

"I am Colombian. I am American. I am a Nashvillian," she said.

During the assembly, students also spoke to the influence of Harpeth Hall's Spanish Department on increasing cultural awareness on campus.

Speaking about a volunteering trip in Honduras, Spanish club co-President Rachel Singleton said, "Spanish at Harpeth Hall is not just taught as a language; our teachers emphasize the importance of the culture behind it. This understanding served me well in my experiences in Honduras."

"I was able to not only connect with the people because of my knowledge of the language, but because of my understanding of the culture that comes with it.'

In light of Hispanic Heritage Month, Real World will host an event exploring women's issues in Latin America.

Bushra Rahman, Vice President of Real World's women's issues division, said, "The main focus of our meeting will be to combine Women's issues and Hispanic Heritage Month and address them collectively. We plan to host a discussion and presentation to promote awareness on the hardships that women face in Latin America."

Celebrating diversity: Marcela Gomez speaks to students about her experiences as a Colombian woman in America during an all-school assembly on Oct. 5. Photo by Kathleen Norton.