Step Singing Celebration 2020

Step Singing Celebration 2020

Harpeth Hall's 2020 Step Singing Celebration on Monday, June 22, looked a little different than in years past. Wearing masks and spread out safely across Souby Lawn, members of the junior and senior classes gathered to participate in this time-honored ceremony. Brought to Harpeth Hall from Ward-Belmont, Step Singing is a year-end tradition when the graduating senior class passes the School's leadership down to the junior class. This ceremony honors the Lady of the Hall, Harpeth Hall's highest honor, selected by upper school students and faculty. In addition to commending the Lady of the Hall, the junior and senior classes present their class songs, and a member of the Harpeth Hall faculty or a respected community member is selected to speak by the senior class.


"Even Though I am Leaving" by Luke Combs, Class of 2021 Song Selection

"Rainbow" by Kacey Musgraves, Class of 2020 Song Selection

Welcome: Mrs. Jess B. Hill, Head of School

Presentation of the Lady of the Hall and Class Representatives (In Order of Appearance):

Seventh Grade Herald: Elizabeth Pinner Lefler
Eighth Grade Herald: Anne Mason Hart
Freshman Representative: Sarah Martin Sachtleben
Sophomore Representative: Sofia Rose Folk
Junior Representative: Martha McIntosh Downey
Senior Representative: Emily Grace Napier
Fifth Grade Crownbearer: Margaret Aline Simmons
Sixth Grade Crownbearer: Taylor Gray Oliver
Lady of the Hall: Keona Elorm Dordor

Remarks: Keona Elorm Dordor, Lady of the Hall
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Presentation of Class Gift: Amy Adele Gilmore, President, Class of 2020

Passing the Leadership to the Class of 2021

Senior Pledge: Led by Lela Grisham Hooper, Class of 2021

Introduction of the Speaker: Ms. Elizabeth Armistead Lemon, Director of the Upper School

Speaker: Mr. Robert English Womack, Upper School Art History and World Language Teacher
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Congratulations to our 69th Lady of the Hall, Keona Elorm Dordor, who truly embodies Harpeth Hall's mission to think critically, to lead confidently, and to live honorably. Congratulations also to her court, and to the friends and families in attendance.

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