Social Media Wellness for Teens, Tweens, (and Parents too!)

Social Media Wellness for Teens, Tweens, (and Parents too!)

On Tuesday, September 26, best-selling author Ana Homayoun returned to Harpeth Hall's campus to speak at an all-school assembly about a subject of special interest and daily focus for students, teachers, staff and parents: Social Media Wellness. She also spoke Tuesday evening to the Harpeth Hall parent community.

Ana Homayoun is a noted teen and millennial expert, author, school consultant, speaker and educator. Several years ago she wrote and spoke to our community about her book The Myth of the Perfect Girl: Helping Our Daughters Find Authentic Success and Happiness in School and Life. Her new book is Social Media Wellness: Helping Tweens and Teens Thrive in an Unbalanced Digital World. The book explains the new language of social media socialization, and details ways parents and educators can successfully work with students to promote self-regulation, safety, and well-being in an always-on digital culture.

Head of School, Dr. Stephanie Balmer praises Homayoun's new book, "Rich with stories and thoughtful interpretations of tweens' and teens' online habits, curiosities, and consequences, Ana provides parents and educators an especially powerful resource to confidently guide our students and children with tools, counsel and reassurance as they navigate social media. Bravo!"

Homayoun took the stage at assembly and made an immediate connection. She asked, "How many of you would you like seven to ten hours of time each week? ...Additional time to complete work, to be with family and friends, or even to sleep." The girls, faculty, and staff all raised their hands.

She went on to describe scenarios with which the girls could closely identify. Homayoun knows their distractions, their behaviors, their justifications, and their device bad habits. She knows parents' bad habits too! Her work is well-researched, and her depth of knowledge of the technology and education industries enables her to give valuable guidance.

Homayoun shared several stories about her work with students and walked through a series of concrete strategies from her book for twens and teens to try on their own. She also suggested resources and apps to help students and adults better regulate their screen time.

Homayoun closed by challenging the girls to do three things:

  • IDENTIFY - where and what are drains on their time and energy
  • REFLECT - what can I do differently so my daily choices reflect my personal priorities and overall wellness
  • DECIDE - How can this school year be amazing

Thank you to Ana Homayoun for speaking with our community. Learn more here: