SEEK and Honor STEM Scholars Recognized at Virtual All School Assembly

SEEK and Honor STEM Scholars Recognized at Virtual All School Assembly

On May 1, the faculty and students gathered together on Zoom to celebrate the academic achievements of the students involved in two innovative programs at Harpeth Hall, the Middle School's SEEK program and the Upper School's Honor STEM Research program at Vanderbilt.

Middle School students are filled with questions, and the SEEK Scholars Program gives seventh and eighth grade students the space to explore. SEEK is an acronym for Scholars Engaged in Extending Knowledge. In SEEK, students first enter the program with a desire and passion to explore a topic or subject of interest not covered in the Middle School curriculum. She will then work with a faculty mentor or an expert in the field who will help her formulate questions and help her guide her research. All SEEK scholars complete a final product such as a research paper, a publication, a performance, or an original composition that she presents to the SEEK faculty committee as well as the Middle School student body.

Harpeth Hall's 2019-20 SEEK scholars' covered widely varied topics, from "Game Design Based on Ancient Chinese War Strategy" to "Promoting Harpeth Hall Through the Eyes of a Student" to "Searching for Evidence of Exoplanets." Garen Eadie, the Chair of the SEEK Committee, remarked to the SEEK Scholars that they " have persevered throughout the year and have shown true grit and flexibility during an unprecedented time this spring. You have much to be proud of and much to celebrate." These impressive students shared their presentations with the Middle School student body this week during a virtual assembly, but you can read more about their work below!  

View SEEK assembly presentation slides.

In the Upper School, Harpeth Hall offers an Honors Stem Research course for selected juniors and seniors interested in conducting scientific research. Qualified students are placed in research laboratories based on their particular interest. Students present their scientific findings at two regional science and engineering fairs in the spring. The course enhances personal development by providing students an opportunity to navigate a university setting, work as part of an academic research team, and communicate results effectively to the scientific community and the general public.

During the 2019-20 school year, 14 juniors and seniors were placed at laboratories at Vanderbilt University and other organizations across Nashville. During the May 1 assembly, each student was recognized for their hard work and their cutting-edge research on topics including "Characterizing the Relationship between Biological Factors and Cervical Spine Cord Metrics Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)" and the "Effect of Fatigue-Induced Micro-Damage on the Raman Spectra of Bone" Click below to read more.

View 2019-20 Honors STEM Research placements.

View STEM assembly presentation.