Progress begins on northwest corner of campus

Progress begins on northwest corner of campus

At the beginning of June, workers began clearing school property on the northwest side of campus. This property resulted from Harpeth Hall's acquisitions of homes on Hobbs Road and Johnstone Court in prior capital campaigns with a vision of providing additional space for athletic activities.

Plans to incorporate these properties into Harpeth Hall's campus include the construction of four new tennis courts adjacent to the current tennis courts by the Athletic and Wellness Center, and the installation of a competition-size field for soccer and lacrosse that will replace the current softball field and practice field. The softball field will be relocated to the newly developed northwest corner of campus.

In January of this year, Harpeth Hall's Board of Trustees approved this project, and the school immediately began the permitting process. In addition to the new athletic amenities, the school will beautify the new part of campus by adding trees and shrubs to serve as a buffer for neighbors. We will also add fences to cordon off fields and security lighting for safety.

"We are excited to see this project begin and look forward to our school community benefiting from this enhanced space for the years to come," said Emily Tidwell, Chair Board of Trustees.

The project's estimated completion date is late summer 2019.