Model UN Students Make Harpeth Hall Proud

Model UN Students Make Harpeth Hall Proud

On Wednesday, November 8, eight Harpeth Hall girls attended the 28th Annual Tennessee YMCA Middle School Model UN conference in Murfreesboro, TN. The girls performed well, and the delegation from Poland (Maddie Hogan, Amelia Reddy, Ansley Johns, and Inge Park) earned an award for outstanding resolution.

Pictured above: Poland delegates: Maddie Hogan, Amelia Reddy, Inge Park, and Ansley Johns

Additionally, the girls received praise for their performance and behavior from other school parents, spectators and teams.

Pictured above: United States delegates: Lilly Nichols, Laura Harris, Brooke Lytle and Elisabeth Nelson

Congratulations to all our girls on a successful conference. We are proud of you!