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Harpeth Hall Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Harpeth Hall Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

On Friday, January 18, Harpeth Hall celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with an all school assembly dedicated to learning more about his life and legacy. Judge Sheila Calloway, Nashville's Davidson County Juvenile Court Judge, was welcomed back to campus as guest speaker. Judge Calloway has generously worked with Harpeth Hall students in the past and currently is hosting Harpeth Hall students as interns during our signature Winterim program. Judge Calloway talked to students about Dr. King and encouraged students to take advantage of their many opportunities and "live their best life."

Highlighting aspects of Dr. King's life story, she noted that Dr. King was given an opportunity to join his high school's debate team by one of his favorite teachers. He took advantage of this opportunity and discovered his gift of storytelling and public speaking. He found a way to channel his frustrations from his childhood and his community and a forum in which to discuss important topics like "why some of his friends went to one school and other friends went to another school, due only to the color of their skins."

Judge Calloway said, "You have great opportunities right here at Harpeth Hall. You have the love and support of a wonderful faculty and staff, and love in your community." She emphasized, "You have to take advantage of these opportunities. Put them to good use - avail yourself. You can benefit from everything that is offered to you."

"Living your best life requires you to 'think critically, lead confidently, and live honorably' as your mission states. You must make good choices," she advised. "To live your best life, you must take new chances, try new things that are offered to you. You are growing and becoming different and better everyday, because of the people around you."

Judge Calloway concluded with this final thought: "You can't do it by yourself. MLK didn't - he took advantage of opportunities and he sought out opportunities. You have to do it together, not out of duty, out of love for your community," she said. "Remember it's about who you are, not what you look like --- it's the content of your character."

Words that are as true and inspiring today as when Dr. King first expressed the thought in his "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963.

This Monday, January 21, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, a large group of the Harpeth Hall community, including Harpeth Hall students, MBA students, parents, siblings, faculty, staff, alumnae, all volunteered their time to help our community. Joining forces with the Nashville Diaper Connection, more than 37,800 diapers were assembled into emergency diaper kits and boxed to be delivered to Nashville families in need. Approximately 200 volunteers did this work together in Harpeth Hall's Athletic and Wellness Center in approximately two hours. Thank You to all who served! And thank you to our Public Purpose coordinators for organizing this meaningful event. #MLKDay2019

See photo album here.