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Middle School Youth Legislature

Middle School Youth Legislature

A mighty group of seven enthusiastic 7th graders took on the challenge of the Tennessee YMCA Youth Legislature Conference this week.

The annual Tennessee YMCA Youth Legislature Conference is designed to provide students with hands-on experience in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government. The overall goal is to teach the mechanics of government and to impress upon students the importance of active participation to the success of democracy. According to the TN Youth in Government website, "Fundamentally, this program exists because democracy must be learned by each generation."

A group of Harpeth Hall 7th graders attended the Youth Legislature Conference for middle school students on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. The conference offers younger students an introduction to the Tennessee Legislature. While the one-day conference is simplified compared to the larger-scale high school versions, the students benefit from the same valuable educational opportunities when drafting and debating bills.

Led by Middle School Social Science Teacher, Cathy Richarde, the girls performed well and were recognized for their achievements.

  • Madeline Bell '24 won the Outstanding Statesperson award.
  • Amelia Alexopoulos '24, Madeline Bell '24 and Taylor Perkins '24 won an award for Outstanding Bill and had their anti-vaping law passed by the House and the Senate.
  • Josey Beavers '24, Davern Cigarran '24, Ruthie Gaw '24, and Anaya Singh '24 also convinced the legislature to pass their law banning corporal punishment in public schools.

"[The students] displayed impressive research, writing and speaking skills and represented Harpeth Hall well!" Richarde said.

Please join us in congratulating these outstanding young women.