Harpeth Hall's Caitlin McLemore Honored in Educational Technology

Harpeth Hall's Caitlin McLemore Honored in Educational Technology

Caitlin McLemore, Academic Technology Specialist, was honored by The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) as the recipient for the Award for Outstanding Young Educator on May 15, 2018. Each year, The ISTE selects young educators trailblazing the path to inspire innovation by increasing the use of technology in the classroom. McLemore will be recognized this summer at ISTE's Conference and Expo in Chicago.

As Harpeth Hall's Academic Technology Specialist, McLemore works hard to ensure that her students are equipped with the necessary skill set to thrive in today's ever-evolving world of technology. Read what The ISTE Team had to say about McLemore:

Caitlin McLemore received this award because of her creativity, dedication and collaborative approach. This award is given to a teacher under age 35. McLemore has played an instrumental role on her team and works every day to ensure her students are well prepared for the world that awaits them when they graduate. Her collaborative teaching style allows her to work with every teacher in developing new and innovative projects in the classroom. She is on a constant journey to learn more and is currently pursuing an advanced degree. McLemore enjoys a challenge and when her colleagues present an idea to her, even if just in passing, she is quick to try and operationalize the idea to make it a reality. She guides her students to tinker and create using high-tech tools and online design software that empower them to problem-solve and think critically and creatively. McLemore knows these skills will benefit her students in the future.

We are so proud of Caitlin McLemore for her impressive accolade in educational technology! Congratulations!

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