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Harpeth Hall Celebrates New Tennis Courts and Athletic Fields

Harpeth Hall Celebrates New Tennis Courts and Athletic Fields

Harpeth Hall Celebrates New Tennis Courts and Athletic Fields

As the new school year begins, construction activity on the northwest corner of campus comes to an end, and Harpeth Hall celebrates the opening of new tennis courts and athletic fields. This expansion project was made possible through Harpeth Hall's acquisitions of properties on Hobbs Road and Johnstone Court in prior capital campaigns with a vision of expanding the northwest side of campus. In January of 2018, Harpeth Hall's Board of Trustees approved this project, and work began in June 2018, to clear and prepare the properties for use as additional space for athletics and wellness. 

After the close of 2019 spring sports, more work began on the transformation of fields, and after a few short months, the dust has settled and new grass has taken root. The Hobbs Road entrance to campus is now adorned with the green grass of the new field that can be used in a myriad of ways and for multiple purposes and is large enough for a competition-size soccer or lacrosse field. Utilizing the land on the northwest corner allowed for a new regulation size softball field to be built that now has proper drainage and orientation. Four new tennis courts also were constructed as part of the project, and now all of the athletic facilities on campus are located in close proximity to the Athletic and Wellness Center, which just celebrated its fifth year on our campus.

In addition to the new athletic amenities, the school has beautified the new part of campus by adding trees and shrubs to serve as a buffer for neighbors, and we have added fences to cordon off fields and security lighting has been installed for added safety.

"We are so fortunate to have the full use of our 44 acre campus for our girls. We can now accommodate our athletic teams and competitions more easily as well as our wellness and physical education program for 5th through 12th grades," said Jess Hill, Head of School.

Karen Sutton, Harpeth Hall Director of Athletics, shared her enthusiasm for the project, "The addition of the fields and tennis courts immediately impacts our students as involvement in athletics and wellness continues to grow. Adding a beautiful green space at the Hobbs Road entrance enhances the aesthetics of the campus and provides valuable space for our students."

We are grateful for all the individuals who helped make these improvements possible.