Grandparents' and Special Friends' Open House

Grandparents' and Special Friends' Open House

The Middle School welcomed some very special visitors to campus for Grandparents' and Special Friends' Open House on November 25. Beginning with a program in the Frances Bond Davis Theatre that included student speeches, poetry, and artistic performances, this exciting day gave the girls the opportunity to share the school with their grandparents and special guests and to show them their classroom and their project work that was on display. 

"Our Grandparents' and Special Friends' Open House is one of the happiest days on our campus each year," Head of School Jess Hill said in her opening remarks to Middle School students and their guests. "It is a day with an undeniable buzz that surrounds it." 

Student speaker, Davern Cigarran '24, spoke about the impact her Middle School teachers have made on her, saying, "Harpeth Hall is full of challenges and new opportunities, but for me, the relationships we have with our teachers will always be something that distinguishes Harpeth Hall from other schools...They are not only our teachers, but also our mentors and guides, pushing us to be our best selves and to thrive outside of our comfort zone."

After Davern's moving testimony, guests were treated to performances from students including, the 8th grade orchestra playing Vivaldi's Winter, 7th and 8th grade choir singing A Letter from a Girl to the World featuring original words from students, and members of the 5th and 6th grade dance company performing to We've Got to Try. The program concluded with original poetry written by 6th and 7th graders and a message on the meaning of service at Harpeth Hall by 8th grader and Public Purpose student council representative Mary Susan Shivers.

Middle School Director Judi O'Brien thanked all the students, faculty, grandparents and special friends for their participation in this special day. She also offered deep gratitude to the parent co-chairs, Roxana Hare and Katherine Williams, and to the many parent volunteers who helped with every aspect of the event. 

Following the conclusion of the program, Middle School students escorted their guests to visit their classrooms, meet their teachers, and learn a little bit about the day-to-day Harpeth Hall Middle School experience.