Alumnae Outcomes Panel

Alumnae Outcomes Panel

Young Alumnae speak to prospective parents about their Harpeth Hall experience.

On November 28, Harpeth Hall welcomed four alumnae to campus to share their experiences with prospective families interested in Harpeth Hall. The panel discussion allowed prospective families a glimpse into life beyond Harpeth Hall and the preparation our students received to create their path in the world. Alumnae spoke of their lasting friendships, deep ties to faculty, formative Winterim experiences, and the confidence they gained from an all girls school environment.

Many thanks to our alumnae Amna Asad '14, current senior at Vanderbilt; Margaret Walker '06, Liz Stringer '99, and Amanda Powell Smith '04 for a wonderful evening.

"Looking back at my time at Harpeth Hall, the leadership portion is woven into the fabric of everyday life on this campus. Learning how to be a leader, being an ambassador, these things instilled a confidence and a poise in me that has helped me and has its roots here at Harpeth Hall," said Margaret Walker, Class of 2006.

They also credited Harpeth Hall with the formation of their work ethic, their self-management skills and their lifelong love of learning.

"Harpeth Hall developed my work ethic," said Amanda Smith '04. "This school is challenging, and that's a good thing. You study hard to do well."

Liz Stringer '99 spoke about the value of curiosity in her life as a scientist. "I learned how important it is to be curious - and with that comes problem solving skills which goes back to our mission and focus on critical thinking."

Amna Asad '14, reminded parents that the "Harpeth Hall environment is very rigorous, but it is also very fun! The strong sense of community is strengthening to me."

For those who may have missed the opportunity to attend in person, a video of the evening will be available HERE by the end of the week.