Admission Preview Day Welcomed Excited Prospective Families

Admission Preview Day Welcomed Excited Prospective Families

Greeted by a friendly wave from the Honeybear and paired with a smiling student tour guide, more than 400 excited prospective students and their family members arrived to Harpeth Hall on Sunday, November 3 for Admission Preview Day.

Head of School Jess Hill welcomed the crowd and introduced eighth grader Sarah Braam, who shared a reflection on her time in the Middle School.

"Going to Harpeth Hall to me is like having 700 sisters," Sarah stated. "Because we are taught to live honorably, everyone at Harpeth Hall is always willing to lend a hand to anyone, no matter if they know each other or just met, because Harpeth Hall teaches us to be kind and courteous to all. Whether we are putting up sticky notes with words of encouragement on everyone's lockers during exam season or helping a younger girl with her homework during aftercare, the Harpeth Hall community is a place where everyone is welcome and respected."

Senior Keona Dordor shared, "Throughout my seven years here, Harpeth Hall has been nothing short of character building." She continued, "'Thinking critically, leading confidently, and living honorably' is so much more than words on banners and walls; it's a mindset, a way of life."

The girls and their families heard from Wellesley Wilson, director of admission and financial aid, and enjoyed performances from the talented Harpeth Hall Mixed Middle and Upper School Ensemble and Fifth Grade Choir.

In addition to activity fairs in the Upper and Middle Schools that allowed students to experience many of the co-curricular programs at Harpeth Hall, families had the opportunity to learn about the school's innovative teaching methods and commitment to building confidence in two engaging faculty and student led panels. Student ambassadors toured families around campus to see the classrooms and facilities and to introduce them to our outstanding faculty who live Harpeth Hall's mission every day.

As Sarah Braam concluded in her opening remarks, "I believe that these core values are what make Harpeth Hall such an incredible place to go to school and such a loving community."

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For more information about the Harpeth Hall's admission and financial aid process visit our website.