2020 Lady of the Hall

2020 Lady of the Hall

Every year, on the evening before graduation, Harpeth Hall holds the Step Singing Celebration. This year-end tradition is when the graduating senior class passes the School's leadership to the junior class. This ceremony also honors the Lady of the Hall, Harpeth Hall's highest honor, chosen by upper school students and faculty.

Although we are not able to be together on campus for this special event, we honor the young women selected by their peers to represent their class on this day. Congratulations ladies for continuing to represent Harpeth Hall with integrity, kindness, and loyalty to others and to your school.

Congratulations to this year's Lady of the Hall and Class Representatives:

Fifth Grade Crownbearer: Margaret Simmons

Sixth Grade Crownbearer: Taylor Gray Oliver

Seventh Grade Herald: Elizabeth Lefler

Eighth Grade Herald: Mason Hart

Freshman Representative: Sarah Martin Sachtleben

Sophomore Representative: Sofia Folk

Junior Representative: Martha Downey

Senior Representative: Gracie Napier

Lady of the Hall: Keona Dordor