2019 Step Singing Ceremony and Lady of the Hall

2019 Step Singing Ceremony and Lady of the Hall

On Sunday, May 26, Harpeth Hall's 2019 Step Singing Celebration occurred during a beautiful warm evening on Souby Lawn. Brought to Harpeth Hall from Ward-Belmont, Step Singing is a year-end tradition when the graduating senior class passes the School's leadership to the junior class. This ceremony honors the Lady of the Hall, Harpeth Hall's highest honor, chosen by upper school students and faculty. In addition to celebrating the Lady of the Hall, the junior and senior classes sing their class songs, and a member of the Harpeth Hall faculty or a respected community member is selected to speak by the senior class. All upper school students and faculty attend, and all families and friends are encouraged to attend as well.  

Delighted families, cheerful students and members of our marvelous faculty filled the Ann Teaff Quadrangle as the Lady of the Hall and her court waited in Souby Hall for the ceremony to begin. Mrs. Jess Hill, Head of School, greeted the crowd and presented the 2019 court. Students and the members of the Lady of the Hall court processed down Souby Lawn and were introduced to the crowd, including Sarah Grace Bellardo, who was crowned Harpeth Hall's Lady of the Hall for 2019.

Presentation of the Lady of the Hall and Class Representatives (In Order of Appearance):

Seventh Grade Herald: Anne Mason Hart

Eighth Grade Herald: Rori Necole Stewart

Freshman Representative: Olivia Katherine Bevins

Sophomore Representative: Grace Sanghee Lee

Junior Representative: Keona Elorm Dordor

Senior Representative: Olivia Margaux Olafsson

Fifth Grade Crownbearer: Claire Ann Meredith

Sixth Grade Crownbearer: Lucy Elisabeth Callen

Lady of the Hall: Sarah Grace Bellardo


Remarks: Sarah Grace Bellardo, Lady of the Hall

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Passing the Leadership to the Class of 2020

"Roots and Wings" Class of 2019

By Jessie James Decker

Accompanied by Russell Davis, Piano

Kiley Hall Tarantin, Conductor


Presentation of Class Gift: Olivia Jayne Holden, President, Class of 2019

"You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home" Class of 2020

By Miley Cyrus

Accompanied by Russell Davis, Piano

Margaret Claire Beuter, Conductor


Senior Pledge: Led by Amy Adele Gilmore, Class of 2020

Introduction of the Speaker: Ms. Elizabeth Armistead Lemon, Director of the Upper School

Speaker: Dr. John Henderson

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The Lady of the Hall spoke about the power of music and art to transform lives and signify emotional journeys.

Dr. Henderson, affectionately known as "Dr. Jack," spoke about his decision to "graduate" alongside the class of 2019 after 22 years at Harpeth Hall. He encouraged the Seniors to take on the humble spirit and collaborative nature of Abraham Lincoln, his favorite historical figure.

Step Singing concluded with the singing of Harpeth Hall's Alma Mater.

Congratulations to our 68th Lady of the Hall, Sarah Grace Bellardo, who truly embraces Harpeth Hall's mission to think critically, to lead confidently, and to live honorably. Congratulations also to her court, and to the friends and families in attendance.


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