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2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Announced

2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Announced

Harpeth Hall is proud to announce and celebrate our 2019 Scholastic Art & Writing Award winners.

Presented by the nonprofit organization, the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, the Scholastic & Writing Awards are the nation's longest-running and most prestigious scholarship and recognition initiative for creative students in grades 7 through 12. This year, nearly 340,000 works of art and writing were submitted to more than 100 affiliate partners across the country.

Scholastic Writing Awards

Seventy-eight Harpeth Hall students received a total of 115 Scholastic Writing Awards. Twenty-five entries received Gold Key Writing Awards, 39 received Silver Keys, and 51 received Honorable Mention. The Gold Key recipients will advance to the national competition with results posted in March.

  • Awards by writing category: 39 Poetry awards, 38 Critical essay, 19 Personal essay, 7 Flash Fiction, 6 Short stories, 3 Journalism, 2 Fiction/Fantasy, 1 Humor
  • Awards by grade level: 43 Seniors, 34 Juniors, 20 Sophomores, 7 Freshmen, 8 Eighth Grade, 3 Seventh Grade


Middle School


Upper School


Congratulations! We are very proud of you and thrilled your were recognized and honored for your writing talent. Full list is available at the end of the post.


Scholastic Art Awards


Nineteen Harpeth Hall students were recognized for 32 Scholastic Art Awards in 2019.

Harpeth Hall is not only producing award-winning writers, it is also teaching and guiding its artists to hone their skills and produce award-winning art. Nineteen Harpeth Hall art students in grades 7-12 received recognition at the regional level for submissions in Painting, Photography, and Drawing & Illustration. Five entries received Gold Key Art Awards, 6 received Silver Keys, and 21 received Honorable Mention.


Congratulations! We are very proud of you and thrilled you were recognized and honored for your artistic talent.


Harpeth Hall student participation in the Scholastic Art & Writing Award program provides a powerful tool for building community, advocating art education, and fostering the creativity of emerging talents.



Scholastic Art Award recipients:

Gold Keys

Gabby Conrad (8)

Adelaide Dashiff (11)

Ainsley Hanrahan (11)

Mary Haden Pickel (12) (two Gold Keys)

Silver Keys

Pauline Bailey (8)

Stefanie Chiguluri (11)

Gabby Conrad (8)

Katie Dovan (11)

Martha Downey (10)

Caroline Spindel (12)

Honorable Mention

Stefanie Chiguluri (11)

Gabby Conrad (8)

Allie Cunningham (8) (two Honorable Mentions)

Katie Dovan (11)

Martha Downey (10)

Caroline Frederiksen (11) (two Honorable Mentions)

Sloan Fridrich (11)

Ellie Frist (11) (two Honorable Mentions)

Maura Kirkwood (11) (two Honorable Mentions)

Camryn Lesh (11)

Emma Clark Luster (12)

Susanna Payne (8)

Mary Haden Pickel (12)

Amelia Reddy (9) (two Honorable Mentions)

Grace Scowden (11) (two Honorable Mentions


Scholastic Writing Award recipients:

Gold Keys

Sela Andrews (11) Journalism

Neva Bass (10) Flash Fiction

Josey Beavers (7) Short Story

Conway Bettis (8) Poetry

Conway Bettis (8) Poetry

Janet Briggs (10) Critical Essay

Quinlan Cyr (10) Poetry

Adelaide Dashiff (10) Critical Essay

Olivia Finlayson (7) Poetry

Jane Flautt (12) Poetry

Jane Flautt Personal Essay

Amy Gilmore (11) Critical Essay

Cole Hastings (12) Critical Essay

Meghan Herlitzka (12) Personal Essay

Kathryn Jenkins (12) Poetry

Sara Emma Kahane (12) Poetry

Isabel Long (11) Poetry

Ava Malnati (10) Short Story

Bianca Sass (12) Short Story

Caroline Seehorn (8) Critical Essay

Ellie Seehorn (11) Poetry

Hav Whiting (11) Poetry

Hav Whiting (11) Critical Essay

Jessie Wills (11) Critical Essay

Prim Wiphatphumiprates (11) Critical Essay

Silver Keys

Annmarie Allos (12) Critical Essay

Mia Brakebill (12) Critical Essay

Quinlan Cyr (10) Fiction/Fantasy

Ainsley Hanrahan (11) Poetry

Caroline Harwell (11) Critical Essay

Sydney Heifner (11) Critical Essay

MacKenzie Higgins (11) Critical Essay

Katherine Hu (9) Personal Essay

Carter Hyde (10) Personal Essay

Carter Hyde (10) Poetry

Melissa King (11) Critical Essay

Margaret Kirchner (11) Poetry

Celeste Maddux (11) Flash Fiction

Sophie McKenzie (12) Poetry

Mohini Misra (12) Personal Essay

Molly Myers (11) Poetry

Olivia Olafsson (12) Personal Essay

Sarah Parks (11) Poetry

Sarah Parks (11) Critical Essay

Kate Pittman (12) Personal Essay

Amelia Reddy (9) Poetry

Amelia Reddy (9) Poetry

Macy Richards (10) Poetry

Megan Robertson (11) Critical Essay

Bianca Sass (12) Poetry

Bianca Sass (12) Personal Essay

Bianca Sass (12) Poetry

Maclin Satz (12) Flash Fiction

Ellie Seehorn (11) Poetry

Ellie Seehorn (11) Journalism

Ellie Seehorn (11) Journalism

Ellie Seehorn (11) Poetry

Lily Silvester (10) Critical Essay

Gracie Sloan (8) Personal Essay

Catherine Smith (12) Personal Essay

Katie Stark (12) Critical Essay

Mary Beth Tune (10) Critical Essay

Gaby Viner (11) Poetry

Prim Wiphatphumiprates (11) Personal Essay

Honorable Mention

Annmarie Allos (12) Poetry

Emily Anderson (11) Critical Essay

Isabelle Arnold (10) Critical Essay

Neva Bass (10) Personal Essay

Sarah Bellardo (12) Personal Essay

Devon Campbell (10) Critical Essay

Devon Campbell (10) Flash Fiction

Priyanka Chiguluri (8) Poetry

Stefanie Chiguluri (8) Critical Essay

Browning Clark (12) Critical Essay

Miller Clark (9) Critical Essay

Quinlan Cyr (10) Humor

Jane Flautt (12) Critical Essay

Jane Flautt (12) Personal Essay

Claiborne Fowler (12) Critical Essay

Hallie Graham (8) Short Story

Reid Helfrich (11) Poetry

Eleanor Henderson (10) Poetry

Camden Johnson (11) Personal Essay

Sara Emma Kahane (12) Poetry

Gabby Kapanka (12) Flash Fiction

Emma Lowe (11) Poetry

Emma Lowe (11) Poetry

Walker McKnight (10) Critical Essay

Megan Murphy (12) Poetry

Ellie Nolan (11) Critical Essay

Brenna Paisley (7) Fiction/Fantasy

Amelia Reddy (9) Poetry

Emma Reynolds (12) Personal Essay

Scout Robbins (12) Personal Essay

Catherine Ryan (10) Critical Essay

Bianca Sass (12) Poetry

Bianca Sass (12) Poetry

Ellie Seehorn (11) Poetry

Catherine Smith (12) Critical Essay

Caroline Spindel (12) Critical Essay

Katie Stark (12) Critical Essay

Katie Stark (12) Personal Essay

Katie Stark (12) Critical Essay

Lillian Stowe (12) Personal Essay

Lillian Stowe (12) Poetry

Lillian Stowe (12) Poetry

Lillian Stowe (12) Critical Essay

Maggie Sullivan (11) Critical Essay

Mary Virginia Sullivan (8) Short Story

Charlotte Taylor (12) Critical Essay

Charlotte Taylor (12) Critical Essay

Gretchen Walsh (10) Short Story

Gabby Welhoelter (9) Poetry

Gabby Welhoelter (9) Flash Fiction

Hav Whiting (11) Flash Fiction