2017 Distinguished Alumna Marcie Allen Van Mol '92

2017 Distinguished Alumna Marcie Allen Van Mol '92

At an all-school assembly this week, Marcie Allen Van Mol '92 brought the house down with her passionate speech.

From the video opening to the final Q&A with the students - and everywhere in between - Marcie Allen Van Mol delivered an inspiring, passionate and motivating speech about her career path and karma.

A talent that has obviously served her well, knowing how to read a room, was on full display at the Frances Bond Davis Theatre on Wednesday. She engaged and entranced her audience with her personal stories and pleas for women to take care of each other.

"We have to look out for each other," she pleaded, "family and friends - the friends you make right here at Harpeth Hall - are priceless."

Van Mol credited Harpeth Hall for giving her the strength that she needs to own her own successful business and work in the male-dominated music industry. "It is that confidence that Harpeth Hall instills in you that allows you to conquer anything."

As advice to the girls she shared, "You reap what you sow. If you put good energy back into the universe, it will come back to you."

For her contributions in the music industry and her ongoing philanthropic efforts in her Nashville and New York City communities, Harpeth Hall is honored to name Marcie Allen Van Mol '92 as its 2017 Distinguished Alumna.

Read more about Van Mol in the spring 2017 Hallways, and watch her speech here.