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Welcoming 'grand guests' to Harpeth Hall for Grand Open House

Georgia Orndorff '27 speaks at Grand Open House

Georgia Orndorff could not wait to show her “GoGo” and her “Gran” around the middle school. On a day created especially for them, Harpeth Hall’s Grand Open House was a chance to invite her grandmothers to experience part of her life in a special way as she introduced them to the teachers who inspire her and the school she calls home.

“My daily routine is full of seemingly mundane details that at first glance may not seem so significant, but upon reflection, they seem so meaningful,” Georgia said.

That meaning was shared with an audience of grandparents and other grand guests who filled the Frances Bond Davis Theatre on Monday afternoon in the great return of an event that had not taken place for the previous two years during the pandemic.

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, Georgia spent time reflecting on what she was thankful for this year.

“A person can be grateful for so many reasons. Some may include a roof over your head, school, and, of course, your friends and

The 5th grade choir performs a jazz number

family,” Georgia said. “Although these are important, sometimes I try noticing the small things because it makes me realize what I love about my life. I was gifted with the two best grandmothers I could ever ask for.”

During this special assembly, students spoke about the middle school programs that are important to them, including Scholars Engaged in Extending Knowledge (SEEK) and the Public Purpose service program. The 5th and 6th grade choirs transported the audience to the jazz era with some swinging performances while the 7th and 8th grade orchestra treated the crowd to Beethoven.

“The girls are thrilled to have you here,” Director of the Middle School Judi O’Brien said to the audience. “I always say you are an important part of their fan clubs. …We all share the same goal, which is to support and care for these incredible middle school girls.”

Visitors toured the middle school at met Harpeth Hall faculty and staff

When the program concluded, grandparents and friends toured campus while their students excitedly pointed out their projects hanging on the classroom walls, their favorite places to study, and, most importantly, the people who make their days at Harpeth Hall special.

“I am excited for you to have each of your granddaughters take you by the hand and show you places that have particular significance to them,” said Jess Hill, Harpeth Hall’s head of school. “Perhaps the best part is when they introduce you to teachers, counselors, advisors, and coaches who play a special role in their lives each day at Harpeth Hall.”

Nothing could make the day more grand.