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The Class of 2022 pledges to leave Harpeth Hall "greater, better, and more beautiful"

On Friday morning, senior class president Kendall Burch ‘22 stood in front of the Harpeth Hall community at the Senior Recognition Assembly and reflected that her classmates would not be where they are today without support. Support from the faculty and staff who believed in them, from the classes who will come after them and  inspired them to lead, and from each other. Looking ahead, Kendall recognized that this peer-to-peer support would be crucial for all of them.

“I know senior year can be full of stress and uncertainty, but take comfort that you have a support group of 99 people who love and care about you,” Kendall said. “And when life gets hard, know you were made for hard things and you deserve happiness. Your fellow classmates will be there for you. This life is short, so love genuinely the people around you. Tell people how important they are to you, and don't leave a kind and encouraging word unsaid.”

“Be proud of how far you have come and how much you have accomplished.”

During the annual Senior Recognition Assembly, the young women of this year's senior class make a promise to transmit Harpeth Hall "greater, better, and more beautiful” than it was transmitted to them.

It's a tradition that dates back decades to Ward-Belmont College, where Harpeth Hall formed its roots. At Ward-Belmont, the seniors revealed their class song, their class colors, and their "beanies" at a special assembly each year. They marked the event with the senior pledge.

Today, Harpeth Hall seniors create a theme for the year. They also take the same pledge as the generations before them. It's a tradition that both grounds our students and pushes the school community forward.

The Class of 2022 is already proving themselves to be exceptional leaders, full of compassion and enthusiasm.

“Your love for this place and each other is clear,” Director of the Upper School Armistead Lemon said to the class on Friday morning. “You are well on your way to strengthening our community and leaving this school greater, better, and more beautiful. You have big hearts, and brilliant minds, and you have already stepped up in significant ways to lend a hand when needed.”

Jess Hill, Head of School, recognized the ways in which this senior class has already stepped forward to lend a hand in different areas of the school.

“That is leadership. Not thinking of ourselves, but of the collective — the good of the community.” Ms. Hill said. 

Ms. Hill continued to describe leadership as a frontier and an adventure in growth. The senior class is primed and ready for the challenge, as they continue to rock the year — a tribute to their theme, “We Will Rock You in 2-0-2-2.”

“I have seen you able to hear the high-pitched sound of the leader who becomes a natural,” Ms. Hill said. “A natural at finding the high road and working to find common ground with every other person on this lawn, simply because we all belong to the same place, grounded by the same mission.”