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Students Recognized at 2021 Awards Ceremonies

Students Recognized at 2021 Awards Ceremonies
Students Recognized at 2021 Awards Ceremonies

We asked the seniors to tell us what they hope never changes at Harpeth Hall. The overwhelming response: the school community. “The Harpeth Hall community is a true sisterhood where we support and uplift each other,” one senior commented. Another remarked “I hope that Harpeth Hall never loses its warmth and sense of community because it makes the school so special.”

To understand why our community’s spirit is so important to our students, all you have to do is step foot on campus during Awards Day

At the end of every year, the student body gathers to recognize the achievements of their peers. During the Middle and Upper School award ceremonies, students give wholehearted and energetic support to their fellow Honeybears. “We celebrate each other's victories like they are our own,” said senior Lily Silvester. And they do. As each award recipient made her way to the podium, the audience erupted in loud cheers and applause heard all over campus.

This week in the Middle School, Harpeth Hall recognized 8th grade students with departmental awards covering everything from athletics to history to class spirit.

Congratulations, Angkor!

Meanwhile, the Upper School students spread out blankets on Souby Lawn for what is many students’ favorite Harpeth Hall tradition. During the ceremony, year-end awards are presented to students, culminating in the most anticipated portion of the day: the club song

competition. Although Eccowasin, Triad, and Ariston performed valiantly with intramural club-themed renditions of songs such as  “I Want it That Way” by Backstreet Boys and “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo, Angkor took home the top prize in a spirited performance complete with choreography and gymnastics

With so much to celebrate, it was a great day to be a Honeybear. Now that this school year is coming to an end, we look forward to continuing to build our community in the 2021-22 school year!

Announcing the 2021 Lady of the Hall Court

The origin of the Lady of the Hall ceremony comes from a Ward Belmont tradition. Every spring, classes chose an outstanding young woman to represent them in the May Day Celebration. Traditionally, the youngest participants were crownbearers and heralds, while the older students were class representatives.

Harpeth Hall has embraced this ceremony, and each spring recognizes one outstanding member of each class who is chosen by her peers. This ceremony also honors the Lady of the Hall, Harpeth Hall's highest honor, chosen by upper school students and faculty. During the Upper School Awards Day ceremony, Head of School Jess Hill announced this year's Lady of the Hall Court. 

Congratulations to this year's Lady of the Hall and Class Representatives for continuing to represent Harpeth Hall with integrity, kindness, and loyalty to others and to your school.

Fifth Grade Crownbearer: Julia LaFreniere

Sixth Grade Crownbearer: Josie Hassell

Seventh Grade Herald: Sarah Roper

Eighth Grade Herald: Kiki Christopher

Freshman Representative: Ivey Mayes

Sophomore Representative: Lailah Rucker

Junior Representative: Betsy Rogers

Senior Representative: Sinclair Walker

Lady of the Hall: Spencer Robbins





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