Bullard Gymnasium becomes a time capsule as students leave their mark

On Friday, Bullard Gymnasium became a time capsule. 

For 68 years, Bullard has stood as a central point of campus – hosting sporting events, speakers, performances, and classes. Soon, the space will be home to an exciting new venture, the Bullard Bright IDEA Lab. This technologically advanced center is designed to enhance teaching and learning for girls through creative and collaborative spaces, including a podcast studio, a robotics field, a maker space, and more.

"The Bright IDEA Lab will encourage you to think outside of the box by being a place that is outside of the box," junior Elizabeth Brown said.

Next week, construction will begin to transform Bullard Gym into the most innovative and modern place on campus. Before the transformation takes off, students had the opportunity to sign the south wall in Bullard and leave a message of their hopes and dreams for future generations of students.

They covered the white cinderblocks with inspirational words of advice, drawings, quotes, and signatures. Those blocks will remain intact throughout construction and sheetrock will cover and protect the messages for the future.

"When changes to the building occur decades from now, your messages will be there to remind future students of a remarkable school year that required your resilience, patience, and optimism," Head of School Jess Hill said. "... Whether you are completing your first year or you are a graduating senior, you are an important part of our community and the ongoing story of Harpeth Hall. Each of you will leave an indelible mark on this school, and your words behind the walls in the new Bullard Bright IDEA Lab will commemorate your historic year." 

By Spring 2022, the completed Bullard Bright IDEA Lab will be a place on campus where students can gather, study, collaborate, and create. Read more about this project on our website.