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On stage with Ruby Wolter '23

On stage with Ruby Wolter '23
On stage with Ruby Wolter '23

Senior Ruby Wolter has performed since she was 5 years old, starring in musicals at her church. At Harpeth Hall, she is the president of the Playmakers club, an Honor Council representative, co-captain of Angkor, and president of the Chamber Choir and Rolling Tones a capella group. Last Winterim, Ruby completed an independent study of musical theatre that culminated in a trip to New York City. This year, she auditioned for more than 20 colleges and universities to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theatre.

What do you like most about being on stage?

I love the feeling of a show “gelling” after weeks of hard work. Performing in a production of any kind is such a team effort, and it is truly the best feeling when every single member of the cast, crew, and band is on the same page. Working towards a common goal is my favorite part about being onstage because I get to see everyone's hard work pay off and bring joy to our audience.

How did your independent study during Winterim inspire you?

In New York City, I took classes at Broadway Dance Center, saw Broadway shows, took private lessons from Broadway performers, and experienced the city where I plan to pursue a career after college. On this trip, I learned so much about myself and my craft and was even able to film some summer program auditions with my coaches. I also made a wonderful connection with the company Musical Theatre College Audition (MTCA), which I am still working with to this day. Being fully immersed in the life of an actress in New York City was an eye-opening experience as I realized how difficult but worthwhile the career I want to pursue can be. I now know that there is no other way that I want to spend my life, and I am so grateful for my Winterim experience.

What are the most challenging aspects and the most rewarding aspects of performing?

For me, the most rewarding aspect of performing is the joy that radiates from the stage and is shared with the audience. Performing is challenging because the work is difficult, the rehearsals are long, and every day you have to be ready to be your most vulnerable self in front of a lot of people. I have found this to be true in both Dance Company and theatre at Harpeth Hall. What I love so much about the arts is that with every production I am a part of, I meet amazing people who have a huge impact on me. My biggest inspiration when performing is the recently retired Stephanie Hamilton. Ms. Hammy saw my love for the stage and taught me how to be a storyteller through my lyrics and actions. No one radiates a love for the performing arts like Ms. Hammy, and I strive to be just like her and impact those around me.