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Six Harpeth Hall athletes commit to DI colleges on Signing Day 2023

Six Harpeth Hall athletes commit to DI colleges on Signing Day 2023
Six Harpeth Hall athletes commit to DI colleges on Signing Day 2023

Trio of Harpeth Hall lacrosse players join two talented rowers and a swimmer as DI commits on National Signing Day

Harpeth Hall lacrosse player Liza Brown

Liza Brown grew up with a lacrosse stick in her hand. She attended tournaments, camps, and showcases to grow her game. She channeled her positive attitude and competitive nature as she boxed out opposing players and put the ball in the net with a practiced ease. 

And every time Liza stepped on the field, she thought of her mom — a woman who played lacrosse in college and went on to coach at Harpeth Hall alongside program founder Legare Vest. Liza’s mom was her inspiration for pursuing a future in lacrosse.

This November, after years of hard work, Liza realized that dream as she signed a National Letter of Intent to play lacrosse at Columbia University next fall. Liza was one of six Harpeth Hall athletes who committed to continuing their careers at the collegiate level on 2023 National Signing Day. 

Joining her in a special celebration in honor of their accomplishments were lacrosse teammates Taylor McCall (William & Mary) and Charlotte Myers (Dartmouth), rowers Kate Morad (Loyola Marymount University) and Gigi Williams (University of Wisconsin Madison), and swimmer Maggie Petty (University of California Berkeley).

Harpeth Hall senior Charlotte Myers signs to continue her lacrosse career at Dartmouth.

“To have the opportunity to play college lacrosse like my mom is super special,” Liza said. “It will be a really unique experience, and knowing my mom went through the same thing is really reassuring.”

With Liza, Charlotte, and Taylor all continuing their careers, it marked the first time in lacrosse program history that three Harpeth Hall players in the same class have signed commitments to play at the Division I college level. Before they graduate, the Harpeth Hall seniors, who have led the Bears to back-to-back state championships, have one more goal.

“All three of these players have put in countless hours of work into their studies in the classroom, but also so much extra training into lacrosse to be the best athletes they could be on the field,” Harpeth Hall varsity lacrosse coach Megan Clark said. “They have helped take our program to another level and will leave big shoes to fill in 2025 — but they still have some work to do this spring.”

Liza Brown - Columbia University - Lacrosse
“When playing other teams, I always pay attention to each team’s relationships with each other. We surprisingly play a lot of teams where players are competing amongst each other rather than together. That has never been the case of any Harpeth Hall sports team I’ve been a part of. …Our team always plays together, not against one another. …I will take with me the value of loving your teammates and those around you. Overall, Harpeth Hall lacrosse has taught me that close teams who work together, have fun together, and put in the work together are successful.”

— Liza Brown ‘24

Harpeth Hall lacrosse player hugs her coach

Taylor McCall - William & Mary - Lacrosse
“As a three-sport athlete, Taylor brings great field awareness to the lacrosse field. She catches every defender by surprise. She is so smooth at ducking and dodging through multiple defenders to get a point-blank shot on the goal. Taylor is not afraid to sacrifice her body to make a play for her team. She is a workhorse up and down the field, which is why she has proven to be one of the top midfielders in the state.”

— Megan Clark, Harpeth Hall varsity lacrosse coach

Kate Morad - Loyola Marymount University - Rowing
“Since Harpeth Hall brought rowing back to the school two years ago, the coaches have continually made the team better and better. The rowing coaches here care so much about everyone on the team, and it shows so much through the respect, help, and encouragement we receive. The support from the team and coaches made me want to continue this sport, and I am so grateful for all of them.”

— Kate Morad ‘24

Charlotte Myers - Dartmouth College - Lacrosse
“I love being an athlete at Harpeth Hall because it has taught me how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. At Harpeth Hall, coaches want us to be challenged because they know that that is how we grow. …Harpeth Hall athletics has prepared me to be a collegiate athlete by giving me all the tools and resources needed for me to succeed. Whether it be the amazing athletic facilities or the talented coaches, playing sports at Harpeth Hall has allowed me to grow both as a person and as an athlete.”

Harpeth Hall swimmer Maggie Petty hugs coach Polly Linden 

— Charlotte Myers ‘24

Maggie Petty - University of California Berkeley - Swimming
“As the number one recruit from Tennessee, Maggie was an attractive prospect, gaining interest from a number of top-ranked schools across the country. The Cal swimming Bears are getting Tennessee’s best in Maggie Petty. They are also getting a high-energy, determined, and fiercely competitive young recruit. We are thrilled to celebrate Maggie.”

— Polly Linden, Harpeth Hall varsity swimming and diving coach

Gigi Williams - University of Wisconsin Madison - Rowing
“Every now and then, you get an athlete who has all the attributes to succeed, and your job as a coach is simply to support their love for the sport. Gigi is that athlete. She has left an indelible mark on this program. She has shown all the girls what’s possible strength-wise and skill-wise. No matter what you ask of her, her response is always, ‘Oh yeah, I’m in.’”

— Rich Kesor, Harpeth Hall varsity rowing coach