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Honoring the Class of 2025

Honoring the Class of 2025
Honoring the Class of 2025

The class of 2025 would be the first to tell you they aren't afraid to make some noise.

“Loud is an adjective that describes our class — and our enthusiasm for each other,” said 8th grade student Lillian Yarbrough, who was chosen by her peers to be the speaker at Friday’s 2021 Honor Day celebration. “Our class is not only loud with our voices, but with support for our peers.”

Going into 8th grade, this class knew it would be a different type of school year than they once imagined. They would be challenged to learn in new ways, and they would miss some traditions and trips they looked forward to. There were, at times, more questions than answers and many hurdles to overcome as everyone figured out how to persevere.

“And while none of us would ever wish for the challenges of a global pandemic, you have navigated it with courage and determination,” Director of the Middle School Judi O’Brien said.

The class of 2025 not only made the best of the year but also made it better for the entire Middle School. Throughout the year, they introduced new traditions from Kindness Week to the “Detective of the Week” program that highlighted students who supported classmates, did a good deed, followed new protocols, had a positive attitude, or welcomed others and helped uplift the school community.

On Friday morning, with the support of that same community, Harpeth Hall’s 8th grade students marked the end of an unforgettable year with one of the school’s enduring and beautiful traditions. Honor Day celebrated the 91 members of the class of 2025 who successfully completed the Daugh W. Smith Middle School program.

“Your kindness is contagious,” Ms. O’Brien said to the 8th grade class as they sat together on Souby Lawn joined by family and friends. “You appreciate and acknowledge each other’s contributions and make an effort to celebrate them. ...Thank you for teaching me lessons of kindness, hope, and resilience. Thank you for bringing your best selves to school every day, for asking for help when you needed it, and also extending a helping hand to others.”

Honor Day marks the passage from Middle School to Upper School. Next fall, the class of 2025 will transition across the lawn where they will begin their journeys in high school. But they will not soon be forgotten.

“You are leaving the Middle School better in so many ways,” 7th grade student Louisa Brown said. “Your laughter is infectious, your smile is contagious, and your steps are full of pep. Our grade is so fortunate that we will spend almost all of our Harpeth Hall years following in your footsteps. Not because we have to by age, but because we want to by choice.”

Congratulations to the Class of 2025 — a group of students who will be remembered for remaining positive and supportive to the entire Honeybear community and who will undoubtedly carry that resilience into the future.

“In our lives, we will be faced with challenges to overcome where we will need to be confident in ourselves and use our loud and powerful voices to rise above,” Lillian said to her class as she concluded her Honor Day speech. “As my favorite Super Bowl halftime performer and fashion icon Katy Perry once said, ‘Your voice is your superpower.’ To the class of 2025, you are all superheroes in your own ways, and as we continue our Harpeth Hall journey together remember to always speak your truth and keep the volume on loud.”


“The Middle School faculty and I have no doubt that the members of the class of 2025 will continue to lead confidently and live extraordinary lives. We will take great joy in watching the next part of your journey.”

— Director of the Middle School Judi O’Brien


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