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Harpeth Hall's Class of 2028 embodies true sisterhood

Harpeth Hall's Class of 2028 embodies true sisterhood
Harpeth Hall's Class of 2028 embodies true sisterhood

Sisterhood is a concept often heard at Harpeth Hall. From the youngest 5th grade Honeybears walking through the halls with their arms around each other, to the oldest dancing together outside of the senior house, the close bond our students feel can be seen each and every day on campus.

“Sisterhood was a concept my classmates and I did not understand until getting to know the Class of 2028,” 7th grade student Ani Kate Bashian said. “My classmates and I quickly learned the type of sisterhood we would be getting from the Class of 2028. Yes, they are sisters, but to better explain, they are the much older, cooler, wiser sisters. They demonstrate everything a younger sister would need to learn, such as finding ways to allow leadership, knowledge, enthusiasm, and honor to exist.”

On Friday, the 92 ‘cooler, wiser’ sisters who make up the 8th grade class participated in Middle School Honor Day, one of Harpeth Hall’s most enduring and beautiful traditions. Honor Day marks the passage from middle school to upper school, and this year celebrated the Class of 2028, who successfully completed the Daugh W. Smith Middle School program.

Ani Kate’s reflection of the Class of 2028 as a close-knit unit was echoed throughout the program in speeches by Interim Director of the Middle School Mary Lea Bryant and 8th grade speaker Fina Welhoelter.

“We are a diverse group of performers, athletes, artists, academics, and leaders who come together with kindness and respect for those differences,” Fina said. “Honor Day may mark the end of this chapter, but it is also the beginning of a whole new book filled with laughter, success, and plenty of unforgettable moments that lie ahead. Since those first awkward moments of 5th grade, we've laughed, learned, and grown together. Today, let's celebrate the sisterhood we formed, the memories we've made, and the incredible journey ahead of us.”

This journey begins in the fall, as the Class of 2028 crosses Souby Lawn to start 9th grade in Harpeth Hall’s Hortense Bigelow Ingram Upper School. Over the next four years, this special class will experience convocations and Winterim, Southern Word Week and club song competitions, winter formal dances and prom build, athletic celebrations and artistic performances, Step Singings, and, one day, graduation. There is so much ahead for these bright young women, and they know that their sisterhood will only grow stronger.

“You are courageous, fiercely inspiring,” Ms. Bryant said. “You've excelled in your activities outside the classroom. You are goal-driven, outcome-focused, natural and confident leaders, and you are fun. You are thoughtful and curious and passionate.”

During Ms. Bryant’s interim year as director of the school, she watched the 8th grade class rise to and take on any challenge. They spent the year cheering on their classmates’ successes as if they were their own. As leaders, they guided the middle school with kindness and thoughtful leadership.

“You have our gratitude and our admiration, Class of 2028,” Ms. Bryant concluded. “It is going to be a joy to watch you take on the

challenges of high school. All the qualities to succeed up there are already in place for you.”

As the Class of 2028 moves to the upper school, Ani Kate knows the class will absolutely “crush it” in high school. Although their fun-loving spirit will be missed in the middle school, the “upper school will be lucky to find out there's nothing better than having the Class of 2028 as sisters.”