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Hallways Summer 2022

At Harpeth Hall, we ignite bright ideas that lead to the future. In the latest issue of "Hallways," you will see how dedicated Harpeth Hall students, faculty, and alumnae are to generating fresh thoughts, new approaches, and different ways to look at problems.

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Honeybears in the National Press

A quote that we, as a school, often reflect on and talk about is one from a teacher who said: “At Harpeth Hall, girls matter.” Many visitors and newcomers to the world of girls’ schools find it interesting that we feel the need to separate ourselves from the universe of coed education. But, in 2022, providing girls an excellent academic education is only the beginning.

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After two years of lost opportunities, many of us are ready to reclaim that burst of excitement in the spring of 2022. Of course, when spring break arrives on the horizon, parents are left to give the broken-record warning about making wise decisions. Studies suggest our children's brains are hard-wired to do just the opposite.

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