Endowment List

Fully-funded Endowments
The Anita and Bill Cochran Scholarship Fund
The Ann and Monroe Carell Visiting Writer and Artist Series Endowment
Ann Scott Carell and Monroe Carell, Jr. Endowed Fund Benefiting the Ann Scott Carell Library
Ann and Richard L. Scott Upper School Endowment
The Armistead Scholarship Fund
Carol Clark Elam Scholarship Fund
Carolyn Jones Estes Scholarship
The Chadwell/Delony Scholarship Fund
Christina Spengler Bumstead Scholarship Fund
The Community Service Endowment Fund
The Davis Scholarships Permanent Endowment Fund
The Deaton Family Scholarship
The Doolittle Family Scholarship Fund
The Edward E. Ford Foundation Personal Enrichment Fund
The Elizabeth Bond Davis ’74 International Exchange Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth Pope Evans Scholarship
Ellen Bowers Hofstead Chair in the Humanities
Ellen Bowers Hofstead Chair in Mathematics and Science
Frances and Foskett Brown Endowment for Campus Preservation
The Francis Family Scholarship Fund
The Gary L. Christy Scholarship Fund
The Gilbertine Moore Endowment Fund
Gladys Taylor Quarles Grant for Faculty Enrichment
The Influential Women Fund
Ingram Scholars Program
Leah S. Rhys Fund for Faculty Enrichment
Madeline and Eugene Pargh Scholarship Fund
The Margaret Helen Lowe ’12 Scholarship Fund
The Melkus Family Scholarship Fund
The Olivia Fund
Owen Chair for Excellence in Teaching
Owen Scholars Program
Rachael and Sarah Camille Farris Endowment Fund
Rascoe Bond Davis Endowment Fund
Smith-Warner Family Scholarship Fund
Steere Family Fund for International Studies
The Stephanie and John Ingram Faculty Fund
The Stephanie Balmer Scholarship Fund
The Susan and Luke Simons Endowment Fund
Susan Barbara Leake Glasgow Scholarship Fund
The Wiley Family Scholarship Fund
William Waller Endowment Fund
The Winterim Travel Fund

Other Endowments
The Adeline Fund
Atticus Trust Scholarship Fund
The Barbara Haynes Scholarship Fund
Cindy Crist Art Fund
Connery Family Endowment Fund
The Corinne Sphire and Joseph Teaff Scholarship Fund
The Curb Family Music Center and Amphitheatre Endowment
The Davis Family Endowment
Dr. Stephanie Balmer National Advisory Council (NAC) Grant Endowment
The Edward E. Ford Foundation Faculty Enrichment Fund
Edie and David Johnson Family Scholarship Fund
The Elizabeth Leigh Horton Faculty Award Endowment
The Faculty Innovation Fund
The Frank and Irene Dougherty Scholarship Fund
Grace Wilson Irvin ’70 Winterim-in-France Scholarship
The Helen Mullins Manning Mathematics Endowment
Idanelle McMurry Center for Arts and Athletics Endowment Fund
The Jeannette Simpson Andrews Endowed Fund for Mathematics Faculty
The John and Carol Cobb Rochford Fund for Teaching Excellence
The John W. Hunt Faculty Enrichment Fund
Louise Broome Trickett Fund for Excellence in Teaching
The Marguerite Weaver Kondracke Fund for Excellence in School Leadership
Martha Grissim Ellis Art Studio Endowment
Massey Lecture Series
The Melkus Family Science Endowment
The Poteat Scholarship Fund
Sara Womack Warner Scholarship Fund
The Souby Hall Preservation Fund
Stephen Frost Nichols Garden Fund
The Trinity Scholarship

Endowments Held by Others
The Richards Fund for the Study of Latin and the Classics at Harpeth Hall