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The Annual Fund Committee


2023-24 Annual Fund Chairs
Richard and Barbara Keith Brown Payne ’85

Parent Chairs
Michele and Jim Wojciechowski

5th Grade Class Chairs – ’31
Trey and Sarah Lodge Tally 99

6th Grade Class Chairs – ’30
Katie and Lewis Agnew

7th Grade Class Chairs – ’29
Laura and George Vidalakis

8th Grade Class Chairs – ’28
Phillip and Mary Creagh Graf ’95

9th Grade Class Chairs – ’27
Tiffany and Frazer Buntin

10th Grade Class Chairs – ’26
Whitney and Wally Conyers

11th Grade Class Chairs – ’25
JD and Elizabeth Crocker Thomas ’95

12th Grade Class Chairs – ’24
Mimi Rowe and Chris Rodzewicz

Major Gifts Chairs
Travis and Paige Rumore Messina ’99

Major Gifts Committee
Vandana and Rick Abramson
Whitney and John Fuller
Richard and Barbara Keith Brown Payne ’85
Tracey and Ryan Pearson
Baylor and Ryan Swindell
Wendy and Michael Warren

Parents of Alumnae Chairs
Misty and Kolin Holladay

Parents of Alumnae Committee
Deborah and Eric Beyer
Margaret Behm and Harlan Dodson
Laura and Tom Dovan
Laura and Hayne Hamilton
Karen and Trevor Howell
Margaret and Rob Rolfsen
Melissa and John Seehorn
Kren and George Teren

Grandparent Chairs
John and Carol Cobb Rochford ’61

Faculty Chairs
Garen Eadie
Ben Fulwider

Alumnae Gifts Chair
Lauren Riegle Mitchell ’07

Alumnae Gifts Committee
Lynne Wallman ’66
Sallie King Norton ’71
Mary Stamps Gambill ’76
Shelley Long Cammack ’77
Ann Webb Betty ’81
Allison Wills Brooks ’82
Ellen Smith Simpson ’82
Katie Sloan ’95
Margaret Bass Tyler ’96
Beverly Hodgson Conley ’97
Lauren Toth Stark ’01
Lauren Campbell Hancock ’02
Mary D. Bartoe Oldacre ’02
Anna Gernert Carr ’05
Katie Shaub Thackston ’05
Katie Geer Hutto ’06
Diana Wallace Perdue ’06
Diane Uwamahoro ’07
Ruth Franklin Bailey ’07
Mary Julia Bressman Hannon ’08
Katie Best Hardy ’08
Macy Hughart Johnson ’08
Justine Brittain Vann ’10
Mary Daniel Smith Danieley ’10
Emily Whitson ’10
Gray Wallace ’12
Warner Tidwell ’13

2023-24 Reunion Chair
Holly Conner ’84