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Strength, Conditioning, and Athletic Training

At Harpeth Hall, students strengthen their minds and their bodies. During the school day, every girl participates in our school's wellness curriculum, whether it be yoga, strength and conditioning, or a cardio dance class. After school, students compete in more than a dozen varsity sports and 11 Middle School sports. Under the guidance of our dedicated coaches, athletic trainers, and sports medicine professionals — and using our state-of-the-art athletic facilities — Harpeth Hall athletes excel on the field and the court. 

Student does arm curls with weights
Student does a yoga pose.
Student lifts barbell in strength and conditioning class

Strength and Conditioning Program

The goals of the strength and conditioning:

  • To continually develop a scientifically sound program that will maximize strength, power, and explosiveness in order to allow the athlete to get the most out of their genetic potential and to reduce the chance of injury. This will primarily be accomplished through the use of ground based free weight exercises and the progressive incorporation of plyometrics.
  • To establish a culture that will develop the discipline, character, and mental toughness within each student-athlete and team as a whole so that they are able to make sacrifices in their training, leave their comfort zone, and develop a championship attitude. This will encourage them to make the most out of every situation and opportunity given to them in athletics and academics, so that they might know what it is to be fully committed to something.

The importance strength and conditioning at Harpeth Hall:

  • Injury prevention is the most important reason to have a strength and conditioning program in place. An athlete who consistently follows a well-designed program will prevent or eliminate muscle imbalances as well as strengthen tendons and ligaments, which will lead to fewer injuries.
  • Address flexibility issues, which will decrease injuries.
  • Encourage sound nutritional advice within the framework of a strength and conditioning program, which helps prevent ailments that can have a major effect on an athlete's performance.

Sports Medicine Program

The goals of sports medicine:

  • To provide high quality medical care and education for every middle school, junior varsity, and varsity athlete.

  • Athletic training encompasses the prevention of athletic injuries, recognition, evaluation, and assessment of emergent, acute, and chronic injuries, immediate care of injuries, treatment, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of athletic injuries.

  • The Harpeth Hall sports medicine staff is committed to providing the best medical coverage for all students while fostering Harpeth Hall’s guiding values of respect, integrity, individuality, and trust.



Official sports medicine providers at Harpeth Hall:

  • Sports medicine coverage at Harpeth Hall is provided by Elite Sports Medicine. This partnership provides Harpeth Hall with a fulltime, certified athletic trainer to care for students. Our partnership with Elite Sports Medicine and MPower also helps to ensure that all students receive excellent healthcare in a timely manner.

  • The school's athletic trainer is Kathryn Spear LAT, ATC

  • Dr. David Moore serves as our orthopedic team physician for athletics.

Jim Romero

Jim Romero

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Kathryn Spear

Athletic Trainer