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Volleyball by the numbers

Last season, the volleyball program consisted of 47 player on 10 teams from 5th-12th grade.

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Tradition of Excellence

The swimming and diving program is one of the most storied programs in school history, and recently garners national attention by winning back-to-back Swimming World National Championships in 2018 and 2019.

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Did you know?

The Cross Country team has finished top two in the TSSAA State Championship two out of the last three season.

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All Around Town

The golf team has memberships at The Golf Club of Tennessee, but practices at golf courses allover Nashville, including Harpeth Hills Golf Course, McCabe Golf Course and Percy Warner Golf Course.

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"There was gratitude on the soccer team for every opportunity to step on the field. ... We savored every moment. The Harpeth Hall soccer team was a family."
— Spencer Robbins '21
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Did you know?

Each year, the team competes in the Music City Head Race, rowing through downtown Nashville on the Cumberland River.

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"Basketball is a physically and mentally demanding sport that has taught me lessons about hard work, discipline, and resilience. Being part of a tightly knit team has created a community that I can rely on and that I am honored to be a part of."
— Tori McDermott '21

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"Joining the bowling team was one of the best decision that I made at Harpeth Hal. The sense of a team on this untraditional team is unmatched. Bowling season, ICEE season, is always my favorite time of year."
— Kayla Gardner '21

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Did you know?

Riflery is the only Harpeth Hall sport that competes in coed competitions.

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In the know

Lacrosse has grown so much in popularity and participation in Tennessee that it will become an officially sanctioned TSSAA sport on the 2021-2022 season.

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Fresh faced

The softball field was relocated last season and is now the newest athletic space on campus.

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"Over the last four years, the tennis program has given me the opportunity to work with people I wouldn't otherwise know and dedicate myself to a sport that I love."
— Devon Campbell '21

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Did you know?

The Harpeth Hall track and field program holds the state record for the most TSSAA State Championships with 16!

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At Harpeth Hall, students can aspire to become a high school state champion, sign a Division I athletic scholarship, or follow in the footsteps of our Olympic medal-winning alumnae.

Harpeth Hall is a place where every student is encouraged to be active, equipped with the skills to be successful, and celebrated for continuous growth.

Our athletic program focuses on achievement through tradition, dedication, teamwork, and prowess. Harpeth Hall students take healthy risks, learn to push themselves beyond their comfort zones, and enjoy unforgettable experiences along the way.

"The area I have developed the most in because of sports is definitely as a leader. My confidence levels have skyrocketed. I am able to maintain my confidence, even when I make a mistake. I am also more poised when I am in a difficult situation. I am much more comfortable with approaching my teachers if I have a question. I am able to lead my peers in discussions during a class or an assembly. These instances are all examples of how sports have boosted my morale and helped me become a leader."

—Ruthie Gaw, Harpeth Hall sophomore

2 national swimming championships

58 state championships in 10 sports

140 individual state champions

34 alumnae currently competing at the collegiate level

4 Olympic athletes

Description of Harpeth Hall's athletics facilities.


Middle School

91% of Middle School girls participate in athletics
11 Middle School Sports
8 HVAC Inman Awards

  • Harpeth Hall fielded 62 teams last year in 13 varsity sorts and 11 Middle School sports
  • Harpeth Hall's athletics staff consists of more than 85 coaches

Harpeth Hall Athletics

Where tradition is respected and innovation is valued

Where teamwork means belonging

Where dedication drives success

Where prowess is praised

Move with us toward a future
with no ceiling

Upper School

65% of Upper School girls participate in athletics
108 Regional Championships
130 Individual State Champions
51 All-American athletes
58 State Championships in 10 sports
2 National Championships in Swimming and Diving
16 Coach of the Year recipients
3 Olympic athletes




    Team Opponent Date Result Score
    US Soccer vs.
    St. Cecilia Academy
    Win 7-0
    US Volleyball vs.
    Brentwood Academy
    Win 3-1
    MS 56 JVA Volleyball vs.
    Oak Hill School
    Win 2-0
    MS A Volleyball vs.
    Poplar Grove
    Win 2-0
    US JV Volleyball vs.
    Brentwood Academy
    Loss 0-2