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Visual Arts

In the studios of the Patton Visual Arts Center, students explore endless creative and expressive possibilities. Through art, they discover the meaning of the world around them.

Art courses in the middle school are designed to stimulate and encourage creativity, build confidence in technical abilities, and provide students with a solid foundation in the elements and principles of art. At each grade level, a love of art and creating art is nurtured, and individual self-expression encouraged.

Class time in the upper school is largely devoted to the studio process and experiencing a range of visual arts media. Instructors guide students through the art making experience and provide regular one on one feedback and critique of student work. Occasional lectures or demonstrations are other components of the art class procedure. 

Allie Cunningham '23

Mariam Al-Rawi '21

Amelia Reddy '22

Pauline Bailey '23

Ava Sohr '21

"For eight years, every visual arts class I have taken has created an environment where I feel completely supported and encouraged by my peers and teacher. While art may seem like quite an individualistic process, at Harpeth Hall, I am grateful for the sense of teamwork and camaraderie that comes from constructive critiques, words of encouragement, and advice."

— Lily Silvester '21 

Developing Artists in Different Mediums


Film Photography

Digital Photography

Media Arts

Digital Video




And more...

From sculpture to textiles, Harpeth Hall gives you the freedom to explore your artistic passions without creative boundaries.


Meet the Visual Arts Team

Susie Elder

Susie Elder

Chair of visual Arts department

Joe Croker

Media Arts Teacher

Joan Curry

Joan Curry

Visual Arts Teacher

Carolyn Fraser

Visual Arts Teacher

Rory Fraser

Visual Arts Teacher

Carmen Noel

Visual Arts Teacher

Kelly Watson

Visual ARts teacher

Robert Womack

Art history teacher