Harpeth Hall has four middle school orchestras and an upper school chamber orchestra. Orchestra students play a variety of repertoire from various genres , reflecting the fact that we are a diverse community sharing a common love of music. They will experience both on and off campus performance opportunities while practicing performance, music literacy and composition.

Course Offerings

5th Grade Orchestra

5th Grade Strings at Harpeth Hall is a beginning string class for girls wishing to pursue instruction on violin, viola or cello. This class is open to students with experience as well as beginners.  Classes meet twice a rotation and students learn a variety of music and perform in two concerts per year.

6th Grade Orchestra

6th Grade Strings at Harpeth Hall is a continuation of the beginning classes. Students play violin, viola, and cello and can explore the string bass after a year of cello. Girls of all abilities are welcome to join this group which meets twice per seven-day rotation. 

7th and 8th Grade Orchestra

7th and 8th Grade Orchestra at Harpeth Hall is a more concentrated class on the strings. Instruments include violin, viola, cello and bass. Students must have at least one year of prior experience for this group.  This ensemble performs 3-4 times per year and plays music ranging from contemporary, classical, new age, jazz and even American fiddle music.

Upper School Orchestra

Upper School Orchestra at Harpeth Hall is a full ensemble of strings.  Students in this ensemble must have a minimum of two years of experience on their instruments. This performing ensemble meets four times per seven day rotation and performs 4-6 concerts per year. The Upper School Orchestra also competes at concert festival and students are eligible to audition for Tennessee Mid-State and All State Orchestras.  Musical genres explored in this class vary from classical, rock, new-age, fiddle, renaissance, baroque and romantic. Students are introduced to more intensive music theory and are exposed to many aspects of performance and history.


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Lori McDermott

Lori McDermott

Instrumental Music Teacher