Marnie Sheridan Gallery




The Marnie Sheridan Gallery is a teaching gallery, a space for learning about various cultures, styles of art, and different artistic mediums. Many activities take place in the gallery, and exhibits are scheduled to focus, when possible, on themes appropriate to the curriculum.

This gallery is dedicated to the memory of Marnie Sheridan, a gifted artist from the Harpeth Hall Class of 1972, whose life was tragically cut short. This space is devoted to present and future generations of students, with the hope that each girl will discover her own creative talents.

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Made In Her Image

A Solo Exhibition by Anne Doolittle


Made in Her Image is an exploration of the female sensibility through the lens of her body. Using historic references, Anne Doolittle has drawn and painted women in ways that affirm the wholeness of body as a location for spirit and gateway to the sacredness of all human life. Drawn and painted on a variety of papers including newsprint, grocery bags, and butcher’s paper, these works bring the exploration of the female form into the present day and from a distinctly feminine perspective. 

"I travelled a long way seeking God,
but when I finally gave up and turned back,
there (S)He was, within me."

 Lalla, a fourteenth century mystic and poet from the Kashmir Shaivite tradition


Colorforms Cut-out

The Call of Lady Wisdom

Figure With Red Book and Flowers

Figure Facing the Light

Stop n Shop Eagle

Imitation of Klee

Madonna of the Team Van

Figure Emerging From Red

Figure With Purple Thoughts

Figure With Spotted Rug

Figure Looking for Yellow and Green

Figure With Blue Arms

Figure On Newsprint

Figures Dancing

The Hecklers 1

The Hecklers, degrees of abstraction 2

The Hecklers, degrees of abstraction 3



Enter from the Esteswood Drive entrance on the south side of campus. From the Estes Road/Hobbs Road intersection, travel a block south on Estes Road. Turn right on Esteswood Drive. Take the first driveway into campus. The Marnie Sheridan Gallery is in the McMurry Center for Arts and Athletics, the white building to your right as you proceed to Visitor's Parking.

Visitor's Pass: After parking, proceed to Souby Hall to receive a Visitor's Pass that will give you admittance to Marnie Sheridan Gallery.