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The Harpeth Hall Dance Company allows girls to express themselves through movement while gaining proficiency of the technical aspect of the medium.

Our on-campus dance studios allow both beginning and advanced students to learn ballet, jazz, modern, tap, hip-hop, and choreography. Fall and spring dance concerts provide a showcase for middle and upper school students.

In the middle school, each student works in a structured, reassuring environment at her own level to gain an understanding of the value of dance as an exercise and also an art form. She will develop confidence and freedom with a kinesthetic awareness, while building a broader base of movement vocabulary in multiple genres, which will allow her to share this developing talent with her peers or an audience if she so chooses. 

In the upper school, students have the opportunity to join up to six extracurricular companies to further explore their specific passions. 

Girl does a solo ballet dance during dance concert



Three girls dancing a hip hop number during a dance concert


"Joining the dance company at Harpeth Hall is one of the best decisions I made. I have met some of my best friends and love getting to dance, doing what I love with the people I love!" 

— Sinclair Walker '21

The Harpeth Hall Dance Company


5th and 6th Grade

5th and 6th grade students in Dance Company dance twice weekly and work in various genres of dance. Ballet, contemporary, and jazz are incorporated in the program.

The 6th grade girls have the opportunity to take the weekly ballet class and, provided they have prior experience, are welcomed into the tap company. 



7th and 8th Grade

In the 7th and 8th grade Dance Company students work in jazz and contemporary twice weekly. They also have optional offerings in tap, ballet, and hip-hop. This group has the opportunity to audition for an extra company and these students are accepted by merit and prior experience. This group has an additional ballet technique class weekly and they perform as a separate group in the concerts.

A 7th or 8th grade student could be dancing as few as two or as many as five days per week if they so choose.


Two Girls Dancing Duet


Upper School

Upper School Dance Companies offer ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, and choreography as well as hip-hop. upper school girls participate in a minimum of two companies and may include up to six companies. All students are accepted, but they audition for placement (by merit and experience) in levels each fall and spring. We presently have three levels in ballet, contemporary, and jazz.

Each upper school group has an additional ballet technique class once per week. Level III students have the opportunity to work in a choreography group and present a student choreographed work in each concert

Upcoming Performances

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Meet the Teaching Artists

Diana LeMense

Upper and Middle School Dance Teacher

Carrie Farmer

Middle School Dance Teacher