The Harpeth Hall music department includes music from a variety of cultures, countries, languages, and creeds within our curriculum, reflecting the fact that we are a diverse community sharing a common love of music in its many forms. We have seven middle and upper school choirs, a combined upper school choir with the Montgomery Bell Academy, an a cappella group and extracurricular opportunities.

Course Offerings

5th and 6th Grade Choir

This non-auditioned group rehearses in small ensembles by grade, but performs as a collective group. There is an emphasis on performance techniques, music literacy, and in repertoire from a variety of cultural sources. Students in this choir typically perform at Sunday on Souby and perform in their biannual concert with the upper school. 

7th and 8th Grade Choir

The 7th and 8th Grade Choir meets three times every rotation all year long.  They sing music in many different styles and learn to read music and sight sing. They  perform for the big Winter and Spring concerts.

Advanced 7th and 8th Grade Choir

This auditioned group enrichment class is open to girls in the curricular choir who love to sing and want to sing more challenging music.  This group performs for the adjudicated Middle Tennessee Choral Festival in Murfreesboro every year, and also for other events and concerts on campus.

Upper School Concert Choir

The Concert Choir is open to all students. The Choir presents a variety of concerts, both on and off campus, including joint performances with the Montgomery Bell Academy chorus. Repertoire includes choral literature from all musical periods and styles. In addition to concert preparation, vocal technique, sight-reading, and ensemble skills are emphasized in rehearsals. Students will receive a grade based upon concert and classroom performance. Note: Students are required to purchase a uniform dress.

Upper School Chamber Choir

The Chamber Choir is a small ensemble that represents the school for engagements both on and off campus. Membership is by audition only. The repertoire includes a variety of musical styles, and rehearsals emphasize vocal technique and ensemble skills as well as solo work. Students receive a grade based upon classroom and concert performance. Note: Students are required to purchase a uniform dress.


Lads 'n' Plaid

Lads 'n' Plaid is an auditioned group of both Harpeth Hall girls and Montgomery Bell Academy boys in grades 9-12. By the very nature of having women and men perform together, students from both schools are able to perform complex "SATB" literature beyond what can normally be done during the school day. 

The Rolling Tones

The Rolling Tones is an extracurricular  Upper School a cappella ensemble, open by audition to girls who are in the Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, or Chamber Orchestra.  This group performs pop music for events and concerts on and off campus.

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Nancy Turner

Nancy Turner

Department Chair-Performing Arts
Matthew Pyles

Matthew Pyles

Middle School Music Teacher