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Creative expression

Expressing yourself at Harpeth Hall is natural. Our girls are poets, dancers, actresses, musicians, artists, filmmakers, and that is just the beginning. In whatever way they show who they are, our students are seen and heard here.

Harpeth Hall believes that the arts are an integral component of education. Studies in the arts develop the intellectual skills of perceptual awareness, critical analysis, and creative problem solving. Arts courses convey knowledge and meaning not learned through the study of other subjects. At the same time, they refine and reinforce other basic educational skills. 

Through our arts program and co-curricular opportunities, students are exposed to the varied means of expression inherent in the disciplines of choral and orchestral musicdancetheatre, and the visual arts. Girls discover their passions and emotions and explore new ideas, subject matter, and cultures while creating their own artistic voices.

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Our on-campus dance studios allow both beginning and advanced students to express themselves through ballet, jazz, modern, tap, hip-hop, and choreography.

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Our theatre program allows girls discover their passion for the arts, develop creativity and confidence, achieve excellence, and make lifelong friends.

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Our music programs are designed to give students a broad experience in both choral and orchestral music, as well as a survey of music history and theory.

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Visual Arts

Our visual arts program alerts girls to the creative and expressive possibilities of their chosen medium while developing practical skills that form the foundation of serious study.

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Now Showing in the Virtual Theatre


Upper School choirs performs "Magnolia" at 2021 Graduation. "Magnolia" is an original song written by the Harpeth Hall Chamber and Concert Choirs and Rivers Rutherford. Through the words, they wanted to affirm their love for the Harpeth Hall community and provide hope during a difficult year.

Meet the Directors

Brion Kennedy

Director of Performing Arts

Susie Elder

Susie Elder

Chair of visual Arts department

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